Ok so I am about to take my 240 and in my 240 I have to be geared up breathing air and 100% sealed at all cracks in 45 seconds my best so far is 1:19 well actually 1:18 but it was a scattered mess. We are allowed to set our gear up and below you will see a video of me doing it I was just wondering if anyone has had to do this and if anyone had any advice that would help me shave some time.

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Does your academy not follow IFSAC rules? If so you should have a full 60 seconds to finish. Either way this may sound funny, but slow down and you will speed up. Just remember to make every move count, and if you get hung up just do not get frustrated.
I was told that technically we have a full 3 minutes according to the law however according to the trainers if we want to pass his class we have 45 seconds
Trainers that change the rules to suit their own ideas. Wonderful. From my position of being a trained, qualified FF, and also a qualified and experienced trainer/assessor, I'd like to tell them to their faces that they are wrong! Placing too much emphasis on speed in this task will train people to take shortcuts, to gloss over essential checks.

We work under different systems, but here we had 90 seconds in which to don our BA, all checks done and ready to move. This seemed impossible in the early stages! Of course, it wasn't, But too many people were getting hung up about times when the most imortant thing is to get the equipment on and checked in as short a time as possible - are we timed on the job? Not that I've ever noticed! The 90 second time has been removed now from our assessment - we still use it as a benchmark during training, but the assessment is 'in a reasonable time' A 'reasonable time'? Hmm, a very subjective decision there... But if we're ever unhappy with an assessment, we can ask for a re-assessment.

As Kenny said, slow down and you'll speed up! Practice, practice and practice yet again. That's what'll get your time down while doing all the required actions. When all is done and finished with your training, your donning time is likely to come down even further - no stress any more about people watching! On one of his first jobs after finishing training a newer member and I were donning BA for an attack. I was all done up and wating for him - he considered it a bit unfair that much younger him, having just qualified, was slower than this old fart! Mind you, all those few seconds difference did was allow me to do my own size-up on the fire before we went in. All good.
See that's why I really have problems with this exercise on a call we put our turn out gear on minus gloves hood and helmet most the time coat as well and once we are in the truck and in route that is when we finish gearing up and scott up I really don't understand the need for speed as opposed to the need for saftey and your right with taking short cuts if you watched the video you'll notice I only cracked my tank just enough to let the air flow. Also all my stuff is laid out in order not to mention I struggle with gettin my wrist sealed with my gloves and coat so if I find a shortcut for that I'll take that as well. I just don't understand the rush I also don't button my pants I just clip them to save them extra few seconds
Exactly mate! Shortcuts are thought of simply to 'make the grade'. Being aware of this can save your life - do things 'their' way, get the qualification and then when back in Station practise doing it the right way - and always remember your checks. I was relly pleased when the word came through that we were no longer to time people through this stage. Do it correctly, do it quickly - the clock proves nothing.
Wow, thast is faster than I had to get geared up. And I have only been in for 3 1/2 years. I had to do it with in 1min and 30sec. I could not view your video so I can't see how you do it, but my best is 54 seconds. Practice makes perfect, keep it up and you will get it. Good Luck!
thank you I try I'm slowly pulling it down today we were racing and I got it at 1:11 but I have alot to shave my gloves are the part that's killing me

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