This isn't the first time I've seen a incident next door to a station. Thankfully neither time do I recall any injuries/fatalities.

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Jay, I had to enlarge the photo to kind of figure out what kind of incident you were dealing with. At first, looking at the original photo it appears to be a vehicle into a building. After enlarging the photograph, it looks more like a medical emergency? Hard to say... 

The closest thing I recall where an incident occurred next to one of our stations was when a crazy shooter went postal at the local post office sorting facility. The employees ran out of the building and across the street to the fire station, and a lot of people (>100)... Imagine the surprise for the engine company and truck company personnel assigned to the station. That's a lot of visitors at 20:30 hours...




I'm not really good at sizing things here Cap. A ret. Capt. friend of mine once put his turnout coat around a stripper who left her place of employment (un)dressed in her work attire. The club had caught fire and she ran to the station which was right around the corner. His wife didn't talk to her for a week!
During a freezing rain storm two vehicles collided and slid up against our bay doors.We had to carry tools and lay a hoseline out the side mandoor through our kitchen.

 Looks to me like a job, appears they have a supply line in the street.

   Depending on where this is, it may be normal for them to catch jobs etc next to or near th house. Heck one of my last jobs was 200ft from the house. We also have very consideret people, they bring the patient to us.  Drive up open door push out patient on aoppriach blow horn. Usualy an OD or a shooting. I think the 22's had a guy who was both once. OD & shot.


it does your heart good to see people looking after their friends, mama would be so proud ! 

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