I decided to post my question here because I didnt know where else to do it. Does the honor guard academy (community) know of or believe that a national standards proper procols for the fire service does or should exist? I remember being taught as a probie that when in full dress uniform I should render proper honors to senior offciers in uniform. For example, at our 9-11 comemoration when I see my friends who are senior to me whom i have know for years, (i'm a retired Lieutenant) i render a salute. Only one who is like me (a chief) returns it then we shake hands and socilize. Most others dont return the salute, they just nod or say hello and I drop my hand. I'm used to it but I was asked why I do it? I told them that I thought it was proper for the public to see us respect senior officers and render proper greetings when in offical settings. I was told that was silly, "we're not in the military". I agreed but dont you think that is something that the public would expect? They wanted to know why and I could not articulate my opinion correctly other than to say that the fire service is a semi military orginization and "that's the way I was raised in the fire service"


I asked this because my fire academy is run in military fashon for the purpose of teaching and insuring dicipline and order. I believe that this is something that should extend into offical functions to show the pride and professionalism we have in our profession. I first became interested in this subject because I noticed that at some offical functions (funerals) there sometimes seems to be disarray. Nobody knew where to stand or what to do, When to hand salute when not to and we draw on what we see the military do which is so majestic to watch. When I would volunteer to pall bear for a deceased member we never practiced before ther service or anything. As time has gone on and honor guard units have formed and taken a regular role in our ceramonies I think it was something we should have had all along. Should it not extend to the membership of the departtment to be mindful of proper protocol and when to render them? I welcome any comments on this subject and hopes it stirs up some interest. This is something that should be passed on to the future and not allowed to simply fade away. When my mother passed away members of my sisters Sheriffs department attended and to pass by and be saluted (i know it was for her and my mom, the department was paying respects to the mother of a retired deputy) i felt so proud to recieve that type of honor







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