Houston Chronicle
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A Houston firefighter who alleged she was discriminated against at her firehouse was accused Tuesday of shoplifting at a Wal-Mart in the Spring area.

Jane Ena Draycott was granted bond and released after her arrest on Monday night in Spring.
(Harris County Precint 4)

Harassed Houston Firefighter Reports to Work

Jane Draycott, 41, is charged with theft, a misdemeanor, according to the Harris County judicial records.

She is free on $500 bond.

Draycott, of Magnolia, could not be reached for comment. Acting Houston Fire Department Chief Rick Flanagan said the department is awaiting the results of the investigation to determine how to address Draycott’s status and that she will remain on duty until then.

Draycott left work early on Monday because of an unspecified injury, Fanagan said. She was arrested about 9:30 p.m. at a Wal-Mart Super Center at 21150 Kuykendahl near FM 2920, said Assistant Deputy Chief Mark Herman of the Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 4.

Draycott attempted to take a DVD player and other items, including a bag of ice, from the store without paying for them, Herman said. He said the merchandise was valued at about $200.

Store security staff stopped her and called authorities.

Draycott was one of two female firefighters who reported finding racist and sexist graffiti on their dormitory walls inside Fire Station 54 in July 2009.

She later filed a law suit against the city of Houston.

The lawsuit, filed in Harris County state district court, lists allegations of harassment against Draycott leading up to the graffiti incident, including at least one instance of unwanted sexual advances that went unpunished.

Draycott’s employment attorney, Joe Ahmad, had the lawsuit dismissed a few weeks ago because he felt he had “filed it prematurely” and should have waited until the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission had completed its investigation.

That investigation is pending.

Chronicle reporter Terri Langford contributed to this article.

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She's giving "the rest of us (women, I presume) a bad name" for the alleged discrimination or the alleged shoplifting?

We don't yet know if she broke the law, but if she did, she is giving herself a bad name, not the rest of us.
I'm not even mildly offended, Kelli. Why would you think that? (That question's for when you come back, since you're signing off.)
WestPhilly, she broke the law they have her on camera stealing she got caught doing this. Now she needs to fess up for the suit she filed for the b.s. discrimination. Hhe needs to be fired no benifits nothing clean out your locker and leave. U stirred up alot of b.s to make yourself to look like poor me. Feel sorry for your daughter to have to put up with your crap you stared.
So then we can all go home, no need for a trial now that you've all convicted her. Good job, y'all.

I actually appreciate - as I'm sure you do, as well - that the court of public opinion operates on a somewhat different level than a court of law, but folks do tend to get a little ahead of themselves.
Sounds to me like there is something else going on here. Possibly some psychological issues from the stress of her problems at work. Doesn't make sense, I think a trip to the shrink in in order here.

I understand that it occurs, but when you read in the forums here so many chanting the same mantra, "firefighters are held to a higher standard", do they NOT realize that it means them too? And that adhering to that "higher standard" means that you actually wait to hear all of the facts before convicting drawing a conclusion. But then...I presuppose a certain amount of intellectual capacity of said respondents.
She is the one who was caught shoplifting it is on camera she is quilty now she needs to be fired.
Things like that put a black eye on the fire service.

Were you born in this country? The reason I ask is because there is something called due process. Simply it means that a person is entitled to be judged, in a court of law, by a jury of their peers. I know that this must seem excessive to you, especially since you obviously have ALL of the facts but please, why don't you save your ignorance for something more important, like bass fishing and chewin' baccy.

No they don't.

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