Hey guys i need everyones prayers for my family. Me and my family have hit a major lull in our lives. My dad has up and left my mom who is unable to take care of herself due to medical reason which has means for me to put the extra time and money i had in search for a paid fd job to focus to focus on curren expenses and keep my curren job and take on a second job. What a bummer. But mainly pray for my mom cause she is down and sleeps all the time and i dont know what i can do or what to do get her out of this slump.... Her happiness means means more to me than anything more ever putting on a set a bunkers ever would.

thank you and stay safe

Justin Westmoreland

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Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom. Take care and Stay safe. Keep up your spirits, everything will work out.
i know how it goes. i have been having alot of trouble at home to, and with my job. i was looking for a nwe job but got in an accident because i didn't have money to maintain my car and somethin happened before i was able to take it to the garage to get it checked out. i didn't have collision because it cost too much. now i have no transportation and no money,no way to get another job. ---my prayers are with you and with your mom especially. and from the bottom of my heart i wish you luck in all of your future endevours.
hi Justin Westmoreland i am sorry to hear about your troubles and i will pray for you both god bless
Sorry to hear about your situation. Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to you and your mom.
Hey bud its me Rodney sorry to hear about all the drama I will keep you in my prayers just remember God is the one you need to go to.
Hope all is going well. Your are in our thoughts. Hopefully your mom has gotten psychological support and encouragement.
if one of us hurt all of use hurt!
god bless you both
<3 Justin..... My heart and prayers are with you and yours in your time of need. Be safe, take care, and know that "The Will of God will never lead us where His grace cannot protect us"........
Fear nothing..... Hit it head on.....

(Get her evaluated by a professional also sweetheart, she sounds like clinical depression is setting in. She needs help finding center. She's lucky to have you. She'll thank you later hunni.)
First off, no one said life was fair or easy. If you are asking us, collectively as firefighter brothers and sisters to pray for your situation, which I have no problem with, then you should understand that this situation is no different than what you will see during your career as a firefighter. People make mistakes, some of them pretty bad ones. Unfortunately, others get hurt along the way. And it sure sounds like you are about to be one of the casualties.

Having been there and done that decades ago with my dysfunctional family, I have to warn you about where you are right now, which is a crossroad. You can go right or left, or do nothing. To the right is the direction where you take responsibility for yourself and your own future. Remember, you did not cause this problem(s) nor are you in any way responsible.

To the left is putting your life on hold, taking care of your mother, who may just need to be jump started in life to get the big picture. Sleeping all day means you are dealing with severe depression. You my friend are not equipped to deal with this, ever. Your mother needs professional help.

People need to stand on their own two feet, and this includes the folks that brought you into this world. In many cases, where there is no financial assistance available, many resources are put into place, presumably the right ones to provide the medical and psychological assistance your mother needs. It's your call, but again, having been there and done that, you need to secure your own future and life. It's not your job to support your parents. Your father made a commitment and hit the road. I am not saying for you to do the same but I am warning you that the decisions you make are lifetime commitments. Be careful what you wish for.

Finally, heads up on selecting General Firefighting & Rescue Discussion as the category for this obvious non-duty related discussion post. Paying attention to detail is really important, especially for a young firefighter just starting their career. You should focus on your job and your life and let professionals help your mom. You don't need a prayer to make the right decisions. You just need to think things through here. Someone needs to take control of what seems to be a situation that is only going to get worse, and I think it's you Justin.

Sorry for not being all that empathetic here buddy. I'm just calling it the way I see it and I don't really want you to become a casualty because your parents are dysfunctional.

God said for us to honor our parents....And I feel you will be blessed by doing so....My thoughts and prayers are for you and the family.....And put your trust in God and he will bring yall through it all...
I have never been in your shoes.. but good things happen to people work hard and always look up you have to keep on keepin on

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