Recently i have been on youtube and watching some fire apparatus respond. I notice that most of the time if the engine or truck has a Q they are useing a siren called a powercall, Now where i live i have never heard of it. So i went and looked it up.
And i was just wanted to know what the connection is?
And Dose it work?

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Yeah it works well.. you get the long distance growl of the Q and short high pitched of the powercall. You are supposed to change patterns at in intersection. The powercall almost acts as a distance warning, it changes the pitch, and allows someone to judge the distance of the approaching truck. We in NY dont use the power call, but we have the Q, we run the Q with a standard electronic siren, for the same reasons. It gives a depth to the siren.
Studies have shown that drivers become more aware of emergency vehicles if the sirens are alternating in pitch and type of sound. We utilize all three while responding, the Q, power call and air horn
Powercall/Q workes extreamely well. The powercall is a verry loud siren. The Q over poweres most electronic sirens but the powercall keeps up with the Q.
Okay i see now
The Powercall was originally produced by GE. NOTHING clears traffic like a mechanical Q.The powercall's "yap"is just enough off the standard electronic yelp that it tends to identify the sound with a Fire truck rather than a police car or an ambulance.They work well off each other.
Wow you know your stuff, thanks guys
it really moves traffic....check out kentland
Kurazy Kentland?
You got that right brother, nothing beats a Q
Yea i will, admit the Q and the powercall dose sound pretty good! And i have seen kendtland thats why i started the post i heard it for the first time on one of there video's.

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