Lets have a quick Car show of your POVS! I don't want a discussion a bout thats legal, thats illegal..I wanna see what you guys are rolling up to either the station, or to the scene in!

Im a Vollie so I have my gear with Me at all Times. I drive a 2001 GMC Sierra on 33inch Mud Terrain tires. It has Recon Strobes front and rear, and a Sho-Me Able 2 Light Stick/Dash light.

Enjoy my video!


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Dude, you make my low-budget ride look sad.

I'm running a second-hand Whelen Responder II Mini-bar with a pair of NAPA Super-44 LED stop and tail lights behind the grille hooked up to a Grote strobe wig-wag unit. I ran a harness to the back and put a pair of NAPA LED clearance lights on the cap hooked to the same wig-wag unit.

I also have a Grote 4-function electronic siren connected to a Radio Shack 100w PowerHorn speaker (right behind the radiator).

As far as the truck itself is concerned, my '01 Dodge Ram 1500 is box stock.
Well thanks for the compliment man!
At least you can have a Siren :( Us here in lil ol Maine Cant.

Other specs not covered in my video..
its a:
4.8L V8 with a K&N Filter and Intake
Has a Delta Deep Well Tool Box where I keep my gear
And a Cobra LTD25 CB attached to two 4Ft whips that are attached to the box.
urs is very nice.. i drive a 97 chevy cav. i will put a pic of it on soon as i get home..
Kool...I run one of these also. My blazer is an '01/gold-ish/no lights or sirens(not allowed in our area). Damn thing will go just about anywhere.
I happy to be getting some responses! I've wanted to take a Crown Vic and deck it all out but im sure the Stateys around here would have a shit fit. Nice Blazer too man, I think the best types of vehicles for POV Responders should be a 4 wheel drive. Something that can make it through mud, dirt, snow, ect.

Course if you live in the concert 'jungle' you don't need to worry about that. Us Vollies here in the Rural State of Maine, I need my 4 x 4. And then if your from the south..you don't need to worry about snow Hahaha

Im looking forward to see your Cavy! that was my first car!
i have a 2005 GMC Serria with a Gallxy 54" LED light bar, 2 Blue Alertee LED grill lights, 4 amber LED lights in the rear, i also have a 10 head (imporvised) LED Coner Strobe system and 4 more amber/white grill lights and a interor amber led light bar on order waiting for it to get here so i can install ill post a pic of my truck when i get them taken

Thats a Nice lookin Rig Joe, I like the Brush Guard
Thanks... after a 8 point buck wandered out in front of me at speed I had that put on before the car left the collision shop.
i have 2005 dodge dakota with 2 whelen linar 8 in the grill a slim light hard mounted above my rearveiw mirror, and 4 tir3 lights in the back along with a scanner , lowband fire dept raido and highband radio, and a switch that allows to link then together for inter ops with other towns , all lights are blue
2002 Ford Crown Vic
12 Led Dash Light
Getting Some Rear Warning Soon
Nice Looking cars Gentlemen!
Glad to see some more Snow-Running POV people out there.

And Joe, Smart move on the grill guard then!

The reason I got Strobes for my truck, front and rear, is because of snow. Last winter we had alot of snow fall, and at 1-2 am, on a blind curve, in a snow storm, its hard to get people to stop from behind with only hazards. Im really looking forward to see how my truck does this winter in the snow.

Do you guys take any 'not so normal' approach to prepare for the winter?

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