Do you have a port-a-tank and how often do you use it?

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Yes we do.  We use it whenever we are fighting structure fires in non-hydranted areas, or in hydranted areas with inadequate flow from the hydrants.
What color are those port-a-tanks? :-/
We have a 3000 gallon port-a-tank and we use it the same as you Don, but I've heard alot of guys talk bad about them and I dont understand why.
Yes we have one. Yes we use it at most every fire (no hydrants), unless water on board is enough to handle the situation. And Jack, it is red with a black frame, but I think that a yellow one would work better! Lol

My career FD has a 5000 gallon Fol-da-Tank that is yellow with a silver frame.


My #1 POC FD has a 1500 gallon Fol-da-Tank that is red with a silver frame.


My #2 POC FD has mulitple 3000 gallon Fol-da-Tanks that are red with silver frames.


By the way, nice try at pot stirring.  You don't let things go do you?


Hello kettle, pot calling.

It's called 'making a joke.'  You take things way to seriously, lighten up some



You are what I like to call a forum SNOB.  You believe ONLY YOU get to decide what gets talked about.  If you feel a topic isn't relevant, or meets some imaginary standard you set, then you should berate the original poster and then mock them in other posts.  You know like what color is your fol-da-tank?  You took a topic with a serious questions about fol-da-tank ops and attempted to turn it into a shammockery.  Who was talking about being professional?  Oh yeah, it was you.


As for you saying "Hello Kettle, pot calling." to me...Really?  Show me where one time on these forums I have berated ANYONE for their choice of a topic.  Show me one time on here where I tried to stop ANYONE from posting anything they wanted to.  Good luck because you won't.  The worst I did was call you and others out on thinking YOU get to decide what gets posted here.  Unless you are a moderator you have no power over what gets posted here and your attempted cyber bullying is HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL. 


If you don't like a topic DON'T OPEN IT.  Wow, seems so simply yet beyond the grasp of so many.


As for relaxing, I am just fine.  I find myself laughing quite easily at your self imposed site content censorship attempts.


Oh, and have a nice day!  


First, I'd strongly suggest you go back and read what you wrote to/about Ben Waller and then follow your own "advice."

Secondly, clearly you DON'T know how to lighten up, this recent post of yours is a shining example of that.  Here you are, scolding me because I apparently scolded someone else.  I guess your advice flows through a one-way door, only.

Third, I really don't believe you read, clearly, what I wrote.  Or there's a comprehension issue.  You can call it whatever you like, I (and others) just commented on how pointless and useless some of these discussions are and made it very clear it was MY opinion. 

Back to comprehension, show ME where I said you tired to stop someone from posting a topic.  I never did, that is YOUR fabrication.  I made the cauldron/pot reference because you stated that I was pot-stirring and don't let things go, I was referencing the fact that you likewise can not let things go (and obviously didn't see the humor in my comment.)

I don't get to decide who gets to post what, I DO have a voice in what I THINK is relevant and I voiced that opinion.  Sorry, next time I'll private message you first and get your permission.  And let's not be TOO much of a drama queen here Don, I wasn't BULLYING anyone, at anytime.  It's a shame that you think a disagreement between two ADULTS is bullying, wow you must be a piece of work to be around; all the time worrying about making sure no one's feelings get hurt (or 'bullied').

As far as not OPENING a topic, now who's making decisions for others?  Seems your double standard keeps getting the better of you.  As for censorship, I'd suggest you read up on the definition, you may be off a bit on it.  And by all appearances you've strapped on your six-shooter and tin badge are the new sheriff in town, although perhaps you see it more as a superhero, fighting for the downtrodden.

Finally, it appears that YOU'VE decided to take on whatever fight others have as your own. Had you let MY comment on what color port-a-tank go by I wouldn't even be writing this (I included the little smirky-face on the off chance you didn't get that I was joking, that was a useless effort on my part).

I'm not so sure about the 'laughing' part on your end, you comment comes across as strident and shrill, clearly NOT the sign of a relaxed individual.  Really, this is NOT the real world, you really do need to lighten up...a lot. have a nice (and safe) day too!

Still laughing...


But I am done with this. 


Have a nicer day!

Good to see we have similar senses of humor... :-) (that's to let you know I actually am kidding with you)
We have 3 port-a-tanks, but only carry 1 on our tanker, all are 2000 gal. capacity. we use them on every fire where the water on the engine wont be enough. the newest one has the handles in the bottom to aid with draining and takedown after use. we also carry a section of hard suction with a jet siphon on our tanker for when we need to use more than one tank, with a second jet siphon carried on our first due engine.

on a side note, do you use your tanks with the drain tube inside or outside the tank? we keep ours inside the tank, but ive seen depts. use them with the drain out.
Drain on the inside, tied with a simple knot.

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