If you are a professional FF and are part of a union you may find an article titled  "A Tangled Web Indeed!" interesting.

 Anyone up for such a discussion?

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Would you run for President? I would vote for you. Wow....
Sure go ahead and ask him, if he supports working with the enemies of our country, if you could, record it and post it that would be good. Or you can direct him to the link I posted and have him respond himself. Once again, you still have not answered the question.
Patti, You would have to be a union member, you knew that. My membership would never elect someone so conservative, after all they elected me three times.
RsqRog, You underestimate, me firehouse (16 FF) is Democratic by majority, 15 to 1). Most of us are very liberal, you know left wing Democrats, socialists, etc. My Local (300 FF) elected me President 3 times, I served as president for 9 years and on the e-board for 26 years. So I would say that in Spokane as in most of Washington my views are widely accepted, the proof is in our Democratic/socialist leadership at local and state levels both in government and Washington State Council of Firefighter/IAFF positions. You obviously don't know much about Washington politics, much like Oregon/Portland liberal politics. I would say that any "union" that is worth a damn has some socialists and even some communists. Because union ideas like, "all for one and one for all" or "an injury to one is an injury to all" and government controlled/paid for medical coverage for all is a good idea. As is Social Security, worker rights, worker safety standards, workers pensions (our State pays a set pension, it is not dependent on the stock market, a worker friendly idea not a business friendly idea).
I know you are not working with your Local, I read your Blogs, and it is obvious to the reader that you hate you Local leadership. What other message can be taken from your writings? You are correct about being a Republic, but in this Republic the minority still has to pay their taxes even if they do not like how they are being spent, as I expressed. Don't you find it odd that George Bush said he was trying to spread democracy to the world, he never mentioned spreading Republics?
My intent is to tell you that thousands and thousands of FF believe as I do, the opposite of your choices. We have already connected and are spreading the faith, even gaining ground as workers realize that the working class and the employing class have nothing in common.
Who are the enemies? I think we disagree on that, as does Harold. I have heard him speak many times, he is on the workers side not the corporations side. As our Aussi Brother pointed out the groups you seem so afraid of are international labor (he said labour) groups not some subversive anti US cabal.
Hey brother, no underestimating here, thats what the (or not) above was about, I do not like to assume things about people I do not know. I said above that your views may be widely accepted and that would not be a surprise given your location. So yes I do have a understanding of the general political winds in your neck of the woods. What I admire about your stance is that you do not try and hide what you are about. I simply disagree vehemently and am taking steps to address such issues both locally and nationally.
To assume hate in the heart of man you do not know is quite a leap. Yes I have written quite critically of my leadership, but I still fight fire with them, they are still my brothers, even if they do not feel the same way.
Stay low, stay safe.

PS and I never said anything about not paying taxes.
Another mischaracterization. I don't give unblinking, unquestioning support to anything on this earth.

I do, however, understand that Israel is by far our best ally in the Middle East, and that it is perfectly rational to support that country.

As for correcting someone who is "flat out wrong", that's just an opinion. You can voice it, but then anyone else with a computer and an ISP can use their freedom of speech to tell you how wrong YOU are.
That'a a mischaracterization. The writer didn't assume that anyone would agree with him, much less that anyone would do it because they are firefighters.

He simply pointed out how some union dues are being spent in support of causes that he believes are not in the best interests of the United States.

That's educational and enlightening for those who weren't aware of it, but that's not an assumption that you would agree with him on who is an enemy of the U.S.

Now, please define "illegal war". That's a common liberal catch phrase. I have yet to find a single liberal who can actually define it or how any war is actually illegal.

And as Margaret Thatcher once famously said "The probelem with socialists is that they eventually run out of other people's money."
I'm pretty surpised to hear you bring up "divide and conquer" in regard to Republican politicians, since the Democrats' go-to tactic is class warfare.
I get the what you are saying about hate, it is strong, I would say I take that you dislike their choices and actions, a lot. Hence your taking the time to blog, write, etc., which is good, use your rights or lose them. It was the union dues that you disagree with (how they are spent) I was using the taxes as a comparison. I won't wish you success in your endeavors but I do wish you health and happiness.
Ben, Would invading a country that had no WMD, no known ties to the World Trade Center murders be in your view illegal? Or after promising Ho Chi Min that we would help with their independence from the French after they helped defeat the Japanese, then not only not helping them but fighting against them and supporting the French with no real US vested interest as illegal?
Also, conservatives that participate, support, profit from, pay for and use Social Security or medicare, fire departments, public libraries, public supported hospitals, public roads, public TV/Radio, disaster relief etc. are all participant and contributors to socialist ideas and socialist life styles. Would you not agree, I know you won't but I am adding that line non-the less.
There is a difference between dividing and conquering who you perceive as the enemy and dividing yourself from whom you perceive as the enemy.

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