Hello All
I Am a firefighter with a small department on Raccoon Mountain all together we have 25 firefighrers . .The department is small and funded by the members. The gear we have now is old and worn out and some without gear.
We need some help so we can try to get these firefighters in some gear and try to replace some of the old stuff so they can fight fires the only problem is we dont have the funds to get any gear at all .

We have filed for grants and had no luck so im turning to the brother hood for some help .
If any one out there has any gear ,pagers ,helments, scbas rit gear tools anything and want to donate it to us please contact me at tiny2406@aol.com or you can give me a call at 423-314-7931.

If we cant get help through the brotherhood of firefighters and with the economy the way it is then we wont get it anytime soon and that is bad for our community
Cause we will not have the personal we need or may even have to shut down and not be able to assist this community so please help us out and thanks for the concern God bless and stay safe.

We have had a few calls and we are getting a few things we need and there is a lot of things to bring this up to par . We still need nomex hoods,gloves,boots,tournout gear (complete sets)and 2.5inch nozzles ,a couple pick axes and flat head axes ,and helments or anything you may want to donate just call or email me if intrested.Come on this is the time for helping each other.We have had some calls but nothing yett so please come through and help even if its just 10.00 to 15.00 bucks i know the economey is bad and times are tough but if we all pull together we can do it and keep this department open we only have a few mounths till we may have to close so please help and thank you


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I think you need to contact the local newspaper and tv stations and make your dire situation known. Your service area needs to know that they are in danger of losing their fire protection because of lack of funding. Put the pressure on them to help as they will be the ones to benefit.

Stress the dedication that your members have and the amount of training you do each month. Contact your local commissioners, town board, chamber of commerce. Talk to any local banks, they are required to dedicate a certain percentage of their profits each year to local community projects. Do you have any local manufacturing plants? They will need the fire protection for their business.

Times are tough everywhere and help & support needs to start on the homefront. If you don't have the support of your own community then how can you expect anyone else to want to jump in and help?

Best of luck to you in your fundraising efforts.
Tiny, I have read this post from previous times. Your post is somewhat vague. I have to agree with the Capt. and that your homefront needs to buck up first. You state the department is "funded" by your members. Are you a volunteer department for a town? And what you are saying is that town provides absolutely no funding for your existance?
you need to find someone to help write your grants if what you say is true you should be gettin grants out the butt.Tap your local businesses fundraisers bakesales BEG
Find your local DRMO auction. This is where military fire departments send their used equipment for disposal after a few years of use. Many federal departments do not have mutual aid agreements and have very strict code enforcement, so fires are rare on those bases and equipment is regularly turned in with little to no fire use.

Its a place to start... and its pretty inexpensive.

DRMO Auction
Have you and your guys done any fundraising? Alot of the volunteer departments in my area cook bbq chicken dinners, or tenderloin dinners. Alot of them also do boot drives, which is standing at a busy intersection(s) in your town and ask the community first hand for donations. as far as equipment/gear I will check around for you.
Hey Bro i lost your message with your number but i spoke to my chief regarding this issue if you can send me via email even a letter with your township letter head and dept letter head and contact info of oic's he will submit to the commissioners here for some old gear still in operating order ,plus i put away about 5 black helmets for ya once he gives me the thumbs up they are yours

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