My fire company has recently completed the finishing touches on our PINK cancer awareness truck.  We took one of our engines and turned it pink.  Engine 33 is the first pink cancer awareness truck in Pennsylvania.  Any other departments out there ever done such a thing?   More pictures available on my flickr page.

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Is this still in service? I belong to the Rhode Island Chapter

Ryan I think it is a wonderful thing  your department is commiting to. Now I may be biased as a firefighter who has had cancer, or maybe it is because my husband and I drive for and give our time to Pink Heals Guardians of the Ribbon Georgia chapter but I think that is awsome.


If any of you out there are interested in joining or driving to your local chapter, starting a chapter or giving your time to drive for the national tour I encourage you to do so. I can not begin to tell you how rewarding it is. The people you meet and the stories they share are meaningful. We drove to the Freedom Walk at Fort Stewart Ga. and a teenage girl broke out in tears when she saw the engine we had out there. We asked it she wanted to sign and it turns out she is a multiple time survivor.

Olivia, you are absolutely correct, I joined the Rhode Island Chapter last year, for my wife who is a 14 year survivor. When I go to the events, I choke up every time I see a woman breaking out in tears when she sees our truck, all I can think of is the day I had her Doctor on the phone and I told her that she tested positive for Breast Cancer, the look on her face is what I see in these women when they come to our truck in tears. So guys, it takes a real man to wear pink, do it for our women!   PINK HEALS!!
The truck is still in service and seeing more fire then ever.  Just yesterday it was on scene at a vehicle fire and last week was 1st in on a dwelling.  I think its awesome and wish more fire companies in our area follow suit.  In addition to our pink engine the local police department, the Whitpain Township Police Department, turned one of its patrol SUV's pink.  Its an amazing feeling
Patrol Car is also PINK!

Well that not only is bad assed, it makes our little Crown Vic look like a Barbie car :)


i think its fantastic looks groovy as an its supporting a great cause

Not too far back, I was doing some online research on pink fire engines and cancer...

Congratulations to you and your department for leading by example.  



Most certainly I will be thought insensitive but, from here;

For 2010

Estimated diagnoses for:

Prostate cancer - 217,730

Breast cancer -    207,090

Estimated deaths from:

Prostate cancer - 32,050

Breast cancer -   39,840


About 8,000 more women die each year from breast cancer than men from prostate cancer.  Seems to me that that difference is not significant enough to warrant painting my engine pink.  There's still 32,000 men dying of prostate cancer every year.

My point simply is that while cures for breast cancer are certainly important, so too is a cure for prostate cancer.  So why distinguish between the two, as though one is more important than the other?

Thats really neat!


I haven't heard of many pink engines, but I have seen pink helmets and gloves floating in some departments in the area

We can t forget the KILTED TO KICK CANCER its aim is to bring prostate and testicular cancer to the attention of the general public. The Pink Heals National Tour is coming to Savannah Ga on wed and my family will all be wearing our kilts.















I personally don't mind having a little extra attention thrown into the testicle/prostrate cancer research. Maybe Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream will donate some of their sales proceeds to further research on testicular / prostate cancer?

I just know people are going to love these Schweddy Balls. I hear that they are hand made.

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