What is the role of local police on a fire scene. Traffic control, Crowd control, or what.

This officer parked in the driveway of the house that was reported to be on fire. Is that a bad thing? What should he have done?

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I would even go as far as to say that he was actually parked in the neighbors driveway, out of the way.
Damn..........I wish I had thought of that!
Not exactly, Dav. You raised the issue of the cop being parked in the driveway and asked if that was "a bad thing" and "what should he have done". It could definitely be seen as bashing(ish).

The purpose of cops being on the fireground is crowd/traffic control. As long as they aren't blocking hydrants or apparatus, and they're doing their job, they can park where they want.
I know you wish you had. So do others, I'm sure. It's just that I am gifted with an amazing grasp of the obvious,( as well as a trained sense of sarcasm), and sometimes feel that what I see should be shown to everyone.
So, anyway, you didn't write it down in your reply, so I'm taking full credit for it.
So, anyway, you didn't write it down in your reply, so I'm taking full credit for it.

Better check your credit rating Derek....check out page 1 post #3 (post 5 considering the later replies)

Reply by John Crabbe on February 2, 2011 at 8:55pm
At least he parked in the driveway and not blocking the road so that fire rigs couldn't get through.

Sorry pal.
Heheh...ok, but I still think I should get it by default. I read all the replies, including the one you mention here, and my reply was about the neighbors driveway in particular....yours only mentioned a driveway.
How about we split the credit then.
i believe all police that show up on scene should block the road and only let firetrucks in and he should do traffic only and after get his report when we leave
I've never encountered problems with PD at any scene before. That is until last week when we were called to the Freeway for a rollover with confirmed person trapped.

Approaching the scene in our Rescue truck and in the middle of the road is a LEO who promptly waved us to stop and let all the traffic go through. When we had a crack at him, his response was that it's important to keep traffic flowing.....

Needles to say, words have been had with senior LEO's about the situation.
"This officer parked in the driveway of the house that was reported to be on fire."
I was also being sarcastic, as JC had pointed it out, as did I on page 2,
why didn't you guys knock out the windows and throw the supply line through the car like every other car. just because it's a police vehicle owned by the town/city doesn't mean it gets special treatment.
my town the police dept's roll at a fire scene is to give the dispatcher a pre-lim of the situation and the dispatcher will relay that information to the first arriving fire officers, isolate the immediate danger zone and close down traffic when necessary. they're also detailed to protect us from an irate resident or on-looker.

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