Somehow these forums and some of those posting on it seem to have strayed from the mission of firefighter nation. The purpose of these forums is to share knowledge that will improve efficiency, effectiveness and safety for fire rescue and EMS services. The stated directive is to “Talk safety, strategy & tactics, issues facing the fire/EMS service, what's going on around your firehouse….”

Some have found this forum to be a way to express their individual political opinions on a scope that is far beyond the mission of these forums. There have been partisan political attacks on those who have differing political views and opinions when they express their views.

We need to refocus on the mission of these forums for the improvement of our respective services and the safety of our people and communities worldwide.

Certainly every person in every emergency service must be aware of how politics effect what we do. Every member of our services, especially Chief Officers, must be political in our efforts to get the message out to the public and to those they elect about the services we provide and the challenges we face in doing so. We must present nonpartisan views that focus on our service delivery and safety in the community.

There are many far left, far right and center of the road forums where each of us can express our political views as individuals as a matter of free speech. Even in those forums what we say on a partisan way can have negative effects upon our professional responsibilities to the communities we serve.  

Partisan politics has no place in our forum discussions. Partisan politics in any case by public servants is dangerous to the real goals of assuring that each emergency service agency can meet its mission of service delivery efficiently, effectively and safely for the public and those whop serve the public…

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In the past when some of us would share our ideas about what FFN was to us and how we expressed concern and disdain for postings that served as chum for the skirt chasers or vice versa, we were told that this is a "social" site.

As such, I would assume if they allow for people who are looking to hook up, then certainly expressing political views wouldn't be out of bounds.

If you have read my blogs, you will see that I have posted over 200 of them and most have a pertinent and educational component to them.

In a thread that is currently being discussed, a poster tried to inject moral/pseudo-political argument and it was repudiated by some of us.

And the thread "No Pay; No Play" DOES have political over-tones, unfortunately.

But, as my next blog will show, it is something that the fire service cannot escape and has shown a willingness to embrace. See photos of firefighters in bright yellow T-shirts supporting John Kerry in 2004. Also see how much money has been donated by IAFF through their PAC to the various political candidates over the years.

Sorry; but it's here and we must face it.



anyone that says that ploitics have no place in the Fire Service has their head buried in the sand....stop, look and is all around don't show don't get funding......who holds the purse strings...?  The politicians....ite reality like it or not


I agree that your postings all start with the goal of educating and improving the service. The responders to those postings often take the issue to political extremes and some actually bait you knowing where you stand on political issues and knowing that they can light your fuse.

My point is that

Partisan politics has no place in our forum discussions. When we force our personal political views on a topic of public safety we immediately alienate the people who have opposing political views but whose support we need to accomplish our mission. A member and leader of the fire rescue and EMS services and their local politicians do not have to agree on political philosophies or life in general. However, they MUST agree on the needs of those services and the needs of their community and how to meet those needs within the resources of the community.

I stand by my statement above.

Partisan politics by public servants is dangerous to the real goals of assuring that each emergency service agency can meet its mission of service delivery efficiently, effectively and safely for the public and those who serve the public


You are absolutely correct!  It is the art of politics that enables leaders of emergency services to gain and maintain the level of service that a community demands and can support.

See above


You realize that I am an elected trustee?

It's kind of hard to divorce myself from the political process when I am the product of said process.

I have been baited? My fuse has been lit?

Is someone fishing with dynamite?

In order to be baited would suggest that I am not aware that someone is trying to start an argument with me on  a hot button issue. I only engage those that I want to engage and will ignore the rodeo clowns.

I get what you're saying and agree to a point, but you see my point that on this site, just about anything goes, as long as it is put under the proper discussion heading.

Ron, Two things, partisan politics is what makes the fire service world go around. In our state the democrats support us and the republicans for the most part do not. We live or die by partisan politics. Pensions, safety rules and bargaining rights are brought to us, as a general rule when the democrats are in office. Second, the members on FFN have shown time and again that they would rather talk about politics or religion than training issues. Read the list of subjects to see.

oops sorry about the was very late and I was very beat....long days and short nights....LOL

I love the aspect of politics in the fire-service. I was part of a Local Union (3051) that ousted 5 sitting fire commissioners in Northern Ca in a recall (a historical first), and installed folks interested in making a department professional, respected, and firefighter friendly.  The community rallied behind us, and continues to support the organization wholeheartedly. And heck, we even put out fires if the homeowner pays their taxes or not...LOL

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