The Fire Dept. as a whole, all over the world, is a brotherhood. But are Explorers considered part of this so called "brotherhood??" i was talking with a firefighter and my Explorer Engineer (2 positions under me, also 2nd in command @ our post) and we kinda got into a heavy..."debate" on whether or not Explorers are considered part of the "brotherhood."
I believe they are.

What do you think??

Explorer Capt Marc Hurwitz
Los Angeles CITY Fire Dept.
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This is a quote from an FDNY video "The Brotherhood" by Captain Ed Metcalf during the opening scene of the video speaking to a new class of FDNY recruits:

"Your on the pay roll you aint in the brotherhood, you aint in the brotherhood until the brothers in the firehouse say your in the brotherhood and theres a big difference you have to understand that."

I think this goes for all firefighters, explorers, paid, volunteer, just because your on a list of employees, or explorers for the town or municipality doesnt mean your in the brotherhood. You have to prove yourself and earn the respect of your fellow brother and sister firefighters first, earn your spot in the brotherhood of firefighting.
Sorry but where I am I am relatively new and I have not had to prove myself to be considered part of the brotherhood its just something you are when you deicde to make this a part of your life, and I think that statement by the Captain is very ignorant. Thats FDNY and even thought it should be the same most volunteer companys don't feel the same "and theres a big difference you have to understand"

All probationary firefighters have to prove themselves thats why they are probationbary firefighters. Its a time where they prove they want to be there, can do the job and belong there. And if they dont work out the department can let them go (usually). And if your not on the department anymore your not in the brotherhood and I think (my opinion) thats what the Captain was saying. Yes you are a part of the department but you are not part of the brotherhood until the department says you are, basically your probation period is over.

I hope that clarifys my post.
No did indeed have to prove had to show the others that you could be trusted...trusted to do what is needed and what is may not have been evident but rest assurred you were being watched and personally evaluated so to speak....Do others willingly go inside with you..? If so, you have earned it...People don't place their lives in jeapordy lightly..and knowing you have a "partner" makes all the difference...
Joshua....When I got into the Department I was watched...and sometimes I got my butt chewed by senior members...but I persisted and I made every call I could and I always jumped in and did my part...I really didn't feel like a total part of the team until about a year later...I received an award for EMS provider of the year....EVERY single person in the Department went to the ceremony...stood and clapped and shook my hand.....I knew that at that very moment I WAS part of the team...and I have never looked back...I proved myself to them and now I am one of, Yes you do have to prove yourself and I am sorry if I slam someone but NO, I donot think Jrs. or Explores are members of that Brotherhood that we cherish so much...someday they will have their turn...but not in their present role....Just my look at it......Paul

No need to apologize everyone is intiled to their opinion. And I do see where your coming from they may not be a part of the brotherhood that we all cherish so much, but as a former explorer I did look at the firefighters I worked with as my brothers (not fellow firefighters cause thats not what explorers are) but as mentors and people that I had to prove myself to to show I was worth their time to train me and help me in the path to the fire service. So maybe they arent a part of the brotherhood in the fire service that we cherish but there is a brotherhood mantality of wanting to be part of the bigger picture, be part of what we all know as the brotherhood.
In many cases, it's a brotherhood by name only. Don't get hung up on it....
lutan what do you mean its a brotherhood by name only?
Wiki suggests that a brotherhood is a professional fraternity, an organization which promotes fellowship among those in a particular academic discipline or career field.

As has been discussed here (FFN), many members jump on people, openly criticize, demean, tease, belittle other members and basically have macho pissing contests between each other. (And I'm guilty too!)

The forums are loaded with examples of this happening. I beleive a true brotherhood would actually pounce on those who partake in those actions and control it and actually promote the discipline.

Again, I wouldn't get hung up on it- if you've got junior members/explorers who are doing what's asked of them and are "doing their time", then to me that's good enough- they're a part of the brotherhood....
Around my way Explorers are students of the fire service, not active members.
Nothing like finding an almost year old thread that wasn't commented on....wierd.

As for this, in reality, such Explorer programs and such were meant to give a "taste" of what the job entails, to give an idea of the job for a kid to see if this is a career choice they would want to pursue. Since such programs are there to give an idea of the job and the kids involved are NOT actual certified FF's then they really aren't doing the job, or shouldn't be. So in my view, Explorers, juniors, cadets, whatever are not firefighters and I don't consider their role within a brotherhood until they are actual certified firefighters, able to do the same job, not just thinking they are entitled to it.
Well put, and I couldn't agree more.

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