Just woundering out there what kind of pagers do you guys use out there? My company currently uses the Minitor II for firefighters but the upper ranking officers use the Minitor IV. Right now i have a Minitor III in the shop and its the only III in the station. So what do you guys use and have any suggestions on any good working pagers?

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We hace a mixtrue have II, III, and IV. I started out with a II which I liked you could leave town and still get the page about 30 miles away. The III and IV you don't get that good range with them. The firefighters get the II and the MPO's, Officers, Rescue, and the EMT's either have III and IV. The only thign I like about the III and IV is the repeater.
We use the 2,3,4,& 5's. I would like for us to try some of the swissphone pagers. They are water proof and more compact. I have heard only good things about them. They are several different departments around who have started using them within the last year. They say they love them. The price is a little less then the Motorola.
well my dept uses minitor II, IV, and V.. we currently give our less active, new members the II, and our active members get the IV, and V's, our IV and V are amazing, the II's on the other hand are a hit and miss, like for one call while there in the charger they will trip, a lil later in the day they wont, even if they havent moved,they also trip for no reason alot, the max distance we gotten them to trip was 10 miles...our II are also always getting sent out to get fixed and or reprogramed... now our IV, and V on the other hand trip everytime we have a call, the max distance for the IV and V are 45 miles away... and we have nothing but good news and good comments bout the IV and V's, there always working like there supose to and to this day, we have approx 10- IV's and 15-V's and no of them have been in the shop... also weve had the V's for approx 16 months now... one thing i personally found out is that u cant have ur cell phone beside or within 3 or 4 feet of ur pager while there charging or while the pager is charging atleast, bc when ur phone is bout to ring or recieve a text message ur pager may trip, idk if it will help any1 out or not... and with the IV and V its deff worth to get the stored voice, which replays your call for you... my opinion is the minitor V pager is the best pager and most reliable pager out there.....
We currently have Minitor's II except for our officers which are upgraded to a Minitor IV, personally I have seen a huge inprovment when i got my Minitor IV, it has been working so much better, although i do hear from one or two that the M-IV's are no good, and I'm also hearing that the M-II's we have are getting worse due to no more parts are being made to get them repaired.
Our company uses ll-V and they all work good. I have a ll and i like it. The only thing is that I wished the ll had a vibrate mode for church and school. Really to me there is no difference in pagers. As long as you get the calls its fine.

How have the NOVAs done as far as not tearing up. We have had terrible luck with the newer motorola's. We bought like 10 of the V's and each one of them has been sent back at least 2 times in one year. I had to send mine back and after it was fixed I gave it to a rookie so I could have his II back. I am looking for an option other that motorola.
We use primarily Motorola Advisor Elite (alphanumeric pagers); not too many people have voice pagers floating around. And, if they do, they seem to keep them at home. But we don't have much home response (due primarily, I think, to people living a good distance from the firehouse).

Some others elect not to have a pager at all, and get the calls on cell phones (or anything else with an e-mail address).
We have anywhere from the minitor 2-5.I have the minitor 2 which I think is the best of them all,that is for the fire dept.I also own a minitor 4 which I use for our county Haz Mat team pager.I like them both because I can monitor all of our calls.
We just got 36 new minitor V. They are great if you run with more then one company you can store a bunch of tones. You can change the alert to different sounds. It has its own battery pack which last for atleast a week i have gotten more then a week before it started going dead. I say get them.
the nova's has held up very well since we started getting them last april. mine has not takin any drops yet so l'm not sure how that holds up,but l am happier with it then l ever was with my M IV.
our department uses the minitor iv i own my own pager and it is the minitor v and i love it it has the vib., tones, and it also has voice recorder so if you are in route and forget the address you press a button and it replays the last page it's great then i have my own radio and it's a motorola p-110 i'm fixing to up grade because it want take split channels other than that it works great
Our combination dept all have the minitor V, and they work really well in the mountainous area we are in. Like the fact that it has the vibrate feature. I bought my own Ht as the vol. are not issued radios and many times we are on calls outside our village working with surrounding depts. Cell service sucks in many areas, but the repeater towers work really well with the radios. Mine is programmed just like the full timers and I have all the mutual aid dept. freq. on there as well so I can communicate with them as well as our fire desk to keep our dept. informed. A few times we have been with other depts on wild fires and it reall comes in handy.

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