Okay here it goes:

I and a few other juniors have asked for some reasonability and the chief said (to our surprise) he would let us plan, arrange, and execute a dept wide drill(or who ever shows up drill)during spring break. We want it to be something that we don’t usually do at drills. We have been thinking about confined space drills and search and rescue drills, stuff like that but that doesn’t seam good enough for a dept wide drill. Frankly we need some help with ideas.

P.S. we have been thinking about going around to local businesses and asking for donations (not money, just stuff for drills, plastic pipes and wood for confined spaces drill for example) and then making them a framed certificate in gratitude.

Your ideas are appreciated.

Dustin Allen
Junior S.S.F.D

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The best training going right now is Rapid intervention, or saving our own. Find a part of your station that is similar to your common response structure and put someone down in full gear and airpack.

We can sit around the table and talk for hours about how to do the scba buckle around the waist and pull the person out, but go in there and try it. Charge a line and wrap it through the area between the victim and the exit, recreating a hastily advanced line.
Practice your department's mayday or emergency traffic procedure. Does the IC know what to do? Appapratus operators? etc.
Each drill can be slightly different. You can also spring this drill when folks are expecting something different.

Does your intervention team bring a hoseline? Then bring it and see what they do when it gets in the way.

Slow the drill down if need be to discuss options and ideas and TRY THEM.

Our department recently purchased nifty new turnout coats with built in harnesses so you can be pulled out easily. Problem is the strap is on the top of the coat under where your helmet is if you're lying on the ground and rescuers can't get to it. No one tested it first!

Building props can come after you have the basics down solid. Wait on building an elaborate entanglement and raised window prop until you can get someone out a hallway without having to think about it.

That's my 2 cents.

the Happy Medic
Thx for the ideas.
Happy Medic : )
You should move this to the General Firefighting Forum so you get more feedback and if its a dept wide training drill to last over Spring Break, which is a week in GA I would suggest if you are training all week to do a mixture of confined space, maybe an obstacle course, search and rescue tactics, technical rescue skills and maybe a live burn at the end of the week but I don't know what your department allows as far as that is concerned nor do I know your departmental restrictions but your only limit is money and your imagination so good luck

William McKinnon
P.C.F.D Explorer Post 209
i will move this to the general discussion fourm
and money is a limit because they are "skeptical" about leting juniors spend there money.
But we do have a lot of the second part.
but it is only two days on the weekend of spring break.

thank you
William McKinnon
Ive moved this thread back because 2013 posts on general discussion vs 76 posts in jr/explr.
more Attention to detail.
I hope thats ok with every body.
Ive moved it there thanks

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