I have been a Veteran EMS worker for 7yrs as well as having a cert in Arson investigating.  I am working as a Security Officer right now due to budget cuts and you know habits are habits and i love being in the Emergency field something has turned my Stomach.  On making one of my many patrols i found one of the main back gates completely secure you cant even open it. and you might think okay what is wrong with that? Well nothing but i am going to add a pic and you tell me. That is a housing area in the back of that fence and there is an apartment complex to the right of the fence too. and no there is no knox boxes for keys for that lock

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Speak softly and carry a "master key" (bolt cutter). Hopefully the hydrant's been tested recently.
I don't know much about hydrants, around here they are just pipes hooked into ponds. My understanding is that some businesses own private hydrants to secure a water supply to their grounds based on available fire loads. I believe it is an insurance issue. If this is a private hydrant then it would make sense they want to keep it behind the gate, thus making their supply secure. Again this is not my area of expertise, but not all things that look funny are actually problems.
Carry Bolt cutters
I would highly recommend contacting to local Fire Marshal to have them take a look
Sheri I got one for you... we assisted with a rual community water grant a couple of years ago and instead of putting a hydrant at least every 2000 ft. you were promised a fire hydrant in 1000 ft of your house if you would hookup and us the water...they did it and it worked but 10 years down the road the population has increased in those areas that don't have a hydrant within 2 miles of them want to get a hydrant for fire protection and decrease their insurance premiuims which is excellent but their is one problem....the $ 6,000.00 to have one installed.
Contact your local fire marshall and let them handle it.
I was wondering if that gate is the only entrance to the complex or just a back exit?? As for the the rest I believe evryone else has hit the nail on the head, check with the Marshal an the Chief, or use the the ole bolt cutters on it.
Access really isn't the problem, as mentioned, water supply may be. You said this was a back gate, what is the front access like?

As for water supply, well my guess is planning and building inspection would have to give their OK for such buildings. Do you know how ole these buildings are? Are they sprinklered? Is there a pond or something in the middle?
If there were a fire and there are only 2 hydrants, you may be able to relay pump, set up water shuttle, etc. However, if it is only really one hydrant for the complex, quite simply then fire suppression may not be a primary concern. Rescue and exposures will take priority. If the building is lost, but damage limited to one building and no injuries/fatalities, it would be a success.
major violation..that lock ought to be removed. Tried calling or alerting the residents, alerting them with a wild siren..?
no that is the back exit they restricted this to a one entrance complex
the front entrance is off a major 6 lane road. these buildings are late 70's no on sprinklers no pond in the middle. and there is two other complexes next to this complex as well as a major housing complex behind this apartment complex
The residents know about this but a lot of them are not aware of the potential hazard this involves and yes i have left a email for the fire marshal on how to get them to come out and look at this complex

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