Janet ? or Shelia ?

From rescue me, who would you choose ? I know they are both crazy in there own way, but lets face it they have Tommy (Denis Leary) whipped.


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Yes ... we are aware of this ... it is a hypothetical question
he is struggling with his chasing of fantasy tail... it is a practiced skill... give him time

he probably has the real thing at home, so not been practicing much
for some, all they have is their fantasies... be gentle
IF you had been pussy-whipped at some point in your life - you WOULD KNOW it is S & M. (refer to the above definition - by which the man LETS the girl pussy whip him - because he LIKES the pain... and she LIKES delivering the pain)

thus you relating IT to a finger, instead of said pussy - is just lack of experience "being whipped"

also, did you notice that Kevin fixed the spelling in the original post - totally causing others to have no idea what we are talking about - LOL
btw since "I MADE YOU" write the word...

...you liked it ... making you a masochist
... and i liked making you... thus making me the sadist ;-)
From some of the answers, it appears that the line between fantasy and reality is blurred, at least for some.

So Kevin just made us look like we dragged the conversation into the gutter huh? We'll have to do this S&M business again another time. And since I'm afraid of what you'll make me write in order to explain the birds & the bees I'll have to save that for another time!
Guilty as charged !

(maybe Kevin was deliberately drawing attention to that word - by mis-spelling it ??? He thought he was being sly and could appear innocent - therefore the trap he laid for me, was really part of his master plan!)

and yes, another time is fine...

I am ALWAYS ready to go... since I am a firefighter :-)

and yes, I proudly will "make" you do all sorts of things . . . and you "will like it"

so come prepared ;-) study up
So Kevin is like a the Columbo of firefighting I see now...I'll be studying up if you need me...
Wow this convo went a little off topic and toward the gutter ... I suppose it is inevitable to have a conversation here or at the Hall without it taking a turn for the worse ... or good ... whichever way you look at it ... LOL
My vote goes along with Tommy's dream of having both at once!
Don't play innocent - YOU started it...

It is not like you were discussing American LaFrance vs. E-One vs. Pierce - you asked Janet vs. Sheila !!!

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