Janet ? or Shelia ?

From rescue me, who would you choose ? I know they are both crazy in there own way, but lets face it they have Tommy (Denis Leary) whipped.


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i would choose Janet .... she is nuts but Hotter
Well that seems to cause problems ... LOL
Didn't you hear - crazy is the new sexy !
Nope .... but I did hear make-uo covers everything but crazy
LOL, that is funny, I have not heard that one - but then again, I am a woman - so it is probably a joke that goes around among men... so no big loss to me... but I am going to start using it - LOL

btw wiped is the term to define, a counter being wiped off;
while WHIPPED is the term used for S & M activity... and perhaps was the word you were searching for

and trust me... I live near LA and Hollywood - down here "Crazy is absolutely the new sexy... the crazier the better!"
While I hate to correct anyone as clever as Miss Heather, (Yes, that rhymed!) I believe Mr. Kevin was referring to the man being "P whipped" rather than having a whip used on him in a S&M activity.
Janet, janet is give it to me nasty crazy where sheila is hide the scissors crazy.
Yes, Mr. Dust - WHICH ITEM would the woman be using to WHIP the man !!!

I was not defining what "type" of whip would be used - leather, chain, whip cream or kitty cat

But the spelling of said item is still correlated to S & M and still spelled with an H ... and therefore, not the word ... wipe
Heather your killing me....have you never heard of the phrase pussy whipped? It has nothing to do with S&M. Do I have to explain the birds and the bees to you?
It's a television show. It's not real. The women in question are characters played by actors.

Did I mention that it's not real?
Kitty cat = pussy

but since you wrote the word - you will get in trouble FIRST... (but I am not sure that is a word we can say in this context)

study up on your S & M...
someone likes to inflict pain upon another, the Sadist (the pussy) while someone likes to receive pain from another, the Masochist (the man)

yes, and please explain the birds and bees to me...
You are very stubborn and You made me write the word!

It has nothing to do with S&M....

being p-whipped = being wrapped around a girl's finger


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