I have noticed on here that the quality of posts are starting to slip. Someone will ask a question and a few people will try and help them. Then a bunch of people pile on with negative stuff. Granted I haven't been a member on here all that long, but I have seen several people who have never said anything positive or helpful. I guess I don't understand why someone would waste their time coming on here just to tell everyone how screwed up they are everyday. There is lots of helpful people on here, and I enjoy coming on and adding my two cents to discussions, but the negative people need to lighten up and not take themselves so seriously. I can't imagine what sad hate filled lives they must lead, and they muct be an absolute joy to work with. Just my observations, take it as you will. I'm sure the angry people will pile on this too, so have fun. And everyone be safe out there! 

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I was thinking that as well. People sitting in the comfort of their own living rooms will say things on the internet that they would never say to someones face. I guess it's just starting to bother me, I can't even read a thread without seeing the same people saying crap everyday. It could also be related to the fact that i'm trying to quit smoking and i'm really pissed all the time. VIVA LA TOBACCO!!!!!
Congrats on the year and a half smoke free, I hope I can quit this time. I'm pretty determined.
It's a free-for-all. I try to remain positive and not offend anybody. I know I'm boring. Closest I came was making a comment about religion once. Whew!
Norm, you're normal ! No worries brother..lol
Are you referring to me? I bet you are...Why don't you just say so instead of posting a general "observation". I'm getting pretty sick of your crap, Jon.
Jon these angry people you speak of are the Salty Dogs of FFN and the fire service. They log on to the site to catch up with the latest Fire Service news and put in their experience and thoughts on LEGITIMATE questions and threads about fire ground techniques and fire supression tactics. When the same bandwidth wasting question is posted over and over again (What color is your truck, Why do paid guys hate volunteers, etc. etc. etc.) it gets frustrating. I have full confidence that most of these 'negative' people you describe actually would say to your face what they post. The fire service isn't happy-go-lucky kindergarten. It is rough around the edges and you are subject to bruises and boo-boo's. If you are afraid of that, maybe you are wasting your time on FFN and in the fire service.
I have been in the fire service for over 7 years now. Everyone knows there are the Type A and the Type A extreme. The extreme is those guys that bust everyone's balls no matter what the occasion. They are to put it frankly assholes and miserable human beings. They seem to cling together at one or two stations within your department and hate outsiders, fight against policies, hate the government, think no firefighter can ever be as good as they are, and to top it off, they are usually the laziest. So why would anyone be surprised those people are on here always starting something...after all, those guys are also at the slowest stations sitting around for 24hrs on firefighternation and planning their verbal attack for the next shift because someone ate their grape jelly.
What crap would that be dust? And i actually was not referring to you, just for the record.
If I am wasting my time i'm eleven years in the hole. Damn am I to old to start another profession? I'm not afraid of " bumps and boo-boo's" my friend, and I know it's rough around the edges. That's what I like about the job. But some people are just miserable pukes who love to spread around the hate to make themselves feel better about their position in life, and that's what pisses me off. Sad little people who can never say anything that's not cutting someone down. And i'm pretty sure all the internet tough guys ( and gals, lest we be politically incorrect) wouldn't say a damn thing to me if we met face to face. Be safe out there Brother.
I've seen that myself. And for the record, the grape jelly comment made me laugh out loud. Be safe.
jon it's called bipolar thats y they do i and plus it's a cruel world with cruel people, sam i love your comment truer words never put so good very witty guy you are thanx for the smile

This site has attracted a few consistent "sharpshooters" who seem to think this is a great arena for their sophomoric attacks on others. Perhaps they can't get away with it in their own stations anymore, so they bring on here instead, I don't know.

I've never understood how the same people who complain about this site being too much of a "social network" and not enough of a "professional network" behave so unprofessionally towards others on here.

Granted I've never believed in the old saying, "there's no such thing as a stupid question," since there are actually plenty of stupid questions, but how does putting-down, belittling and making fun of the person who asked the question help anyone? Bullying is bullying.

I'd rather deal with a Probie trying to learn, but not really knowing what questions to ask yet, than I would a jackass who thinks that bullying a probie is a viable form of mentorship.

In other forums, chiefs ask each other why the Fire Service has trouble recruiting and retaining younger members. Well, you've observed the reason on here. There's too many experienced children wearing Firefighter uniforms who obtain pleasure in bullying and putting-down and demeaning the would-be and new Firefighters.

These same people like to puff out their chest and talk about "Brotherhood" among Firefighters. Apparently they have confused Solidarity (aka brotherhood), with beating up your younger sibling while mom's at the grocery store.

This is of course why the serious Firefighting discussion happen on other websites, and remains what I think Paul Coombs referred to as a "cur populated website."


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