Whats your views on this? 3 nz babies plus 16 other casualties died in a mall fire in quatar the alarm went for 20 minitues before the building was evacuated!! this makes me angry, they said there was no eveactation proceedure in place but in my opinon the managers and workers should have still cleared the building as soon as it sounded and maybe they would still be alive, the blocked fire exits they had, it wasnt even safe or legal , the mall should have had procedures in place for emergencies  before even operating ... one family have lost there whole life there 3 babies , losing one child would be hard enough let alone 3. and the other people who lost there children and family its so sad



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What do you expect from a third-world country? They may be the richest but in so many ways are as backwards as you could imagine. Pubic restrooms with basic holes that you straddle, no addressing system, no sprinkler requirements and a myriad of fatal fires that are squelched by the government. The lure of money, and bringing ones family to a place like this has it's hazards. I for one would not put my family in harms way, and in this case, expats who presumed that the shiny fancy buildings were safe unfortunately learned the hard way. Again, what do you expect from a nation saddled with a total lack of understanding in regard to fire safety that don't place the same value on life as we do... What a senseless tragic loss.




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