Anyone know what states hire firefighters with NPQ's?

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And NPQs are what???

National Professional Qualifications.

Ok...and again these are what exactly??

My point here is that the post is so ambiguous and  the terminology is not the same across the board. I have never heard the term NPQs nor what they entail to even give a heads up. It is easier to give advice on what is exactly being sought as opposed to some general term. Here in WI, it is asked to have the state FF1 and FF2 or IFSAC equivalent for many depts. State certs do vary as far as acceptence and so forth, but again if one wants a real freaking answer, then stop being so damn ambiguous.

NPQ's, National Professional Qualifications, is pretty much a list of specific skills required by certain states. It's pretty much like National Registry for Emt's and Paramedics. If you complete the national test, it gives you a better chance to work in any state you choose. By the way, I like to keep my page positive so use decent language on here, please? 

It is decent language, and your post is ambiguous for what you are looking for. The reality when it comes to getting hired is that it is dept specific choice. Majority of depts establish their own criteria for what is sought. Some can be very general and require nothing more than being 18, having a driver's license and a HS diploma. Others can require state certs, paramedic, and so forth. Point being here is there is more to hiring than having a general cert, one needs to be looking into what the individual dept they are applying for requires. Here in WI, you would find a wide variety of hiring requirements among the different departments.....I would venture to bet other states are like that too.

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