Honestly I meen come on, whats the freakin big deal, id rather them take the engine for the fact that if a call comes out, who in the hells gonna be able to go, if they have no apparatus.

Everyone should watch this and you will see what im talking about.

No More Food Runs in Fire Trucks

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Hey young buck,

I don't fully understand the syntax of your post but a food run in a fire truck is part of firehouse life. It is more prevalent with career departments going as far as full bore food shopping.
I understand 100% what you are talking about. I work for a career department and we were sent a new policy that we are only allowed to go out to town once a shift for food due to budget cut backs. Preferably to get groceries not eat out. We also catch it from the public when we go to get food like why are you wasting our tax dollars on fuel. We even shut the apparatus off when we get to the store. Believe me brothers it is only going to get worse while everbody else is losing their jobs they are looking for anyone to blame for taxes.
I just couldnt beleive the extint they went to on that video, to stop firefighters from doing anything.
for real!!!!
hehe, what video? :)
Yeah a video would help.. lol

We stopped eating out a long time ago. And can only make food runs on the way back from a call, pre-plan etc no special trips. This all went into affect this time last year due to the soaring fuel prices. I don't like it but we answer to the taxpayers good or bad.
sorry about that guys, heres the link
Well, our official policy is nor food runs in the rig due to fuel costs. Now, while returning from a run the unofficial rule is if you swing in somewhere and pick it up, all is good. We are good at adapting quickly too. We have been known to toss the gear for the poor guy who has to make the run on the rig and meet up a couple blocks out so he does not violate the no P.O.V. on scene rule and cruise on in. Of course that also depends on his status as a driver and staffing that day since we do have 3 rigs. If there will be a rig waiting on him and we don't cut the crew too thin he may just have to go get the next out rig.
"Dispatch from Engine 2...we're stuck in the Burger King drive through..." LOL

I don't understand the problem. We usually send the Ambulance crew to the store for food runs/grocery shopping. Stay safe!
I don't see the problem, I mentioned this one day and a neighboring fire chief told me "My guys better have their groceries when they come in the door at 7"

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