In my VFD ive heard it time and time again with the subject of training,"No money,No time". Ive only been in 5 years but i now have to train 3 new members (who are also friends) with hardly any gear or materials. So does anyone have some good traing for young firefighters ages 19-16 that does not require alot of things to do?

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Keep it to the basics. I am actually in less than you are, but my training, initially, was very aggressive. Luckily, we have a lot of supplies for training in-house at my department.


Practice SCBA maneuvers in and around the truck floor (notify an officer prior). Immediately prior to my FF1 Emergency SCBA Course, I used the Bruck Truck. I'd don my SCBA (not my mask, though), and do a low profile under the truck. Luckily, we do SCBA requals yearly in our training house, where we have obstacles for low/reduced profile SCBA maneuvers.


Breathing Exercises. Teach lessons on how to conserve SCBA air (breathing in through the nose, out of the mouth).


Throw up ladders against the firehouse for practicing carrying and putting up ladders.


There's a ton of things you can do. Use the Search function on here and I am positive that you can find deeper exercises.


Best of luck.

Here is a link for decent training resources. It goes to LSU training repository and is a collection of training programs and power points etc. It takes awhile to go thru because there isnt a ryhme or reason for how its organized.

ok Tyson here are my problemes:

1) no gear-tools, like hand tools,ladders,etc.

2) its only me and 3 others who are new members.

3) Cheifs or training officers, "I dont have the time"

my main reason for posting this was for some i deas of cheap but good traing that 4 guys can do so that when they get on a fire or rescue they can help instead of stand around.

me and one other guys are sr. members which means we can put on scbas and do inside work,the other 2 are jr. members the can go as far as using a hose to fight the fire thru a window.

I'll start off with #3, as that is the most serious issue.


Training officers exist to train. If the training officer states that "he does not have time" to train new personnel, you have a major issue.I hate to throw staones at other departmente, however, if your training officer doesn't have time to train, then who is responsible for that function in your department?


As far as the Chiefs, while their primary purpose is to administer and manage the department, training is part of their function. That is why they delagate the responsibility of training personnel to a  Training Officer. if he is unable, or unwilling to do his assigned task, then the responsibility does fall back onto the Chief Officers. If neither one wants to take responsibility for training, there can be problems.


Again, when you say that your department has no tools, does that mean that you do not have any axres, halligans, pike poles, prybars, ladders or water supply adapters and appliances on your apparatus? Even if you have minimum tools, the most basic skill that any new member can have is the ability to identify and locate all the tools and equipment that your department owns. If they are new, they do not neccessarily have to know how to operate them, but they should be able to locate every piece of equipment if asked by a more senior member on a scene. That is certainly one skill that needs to be practiced until they have it right and can be practiced anytime with a simple tool retrival drill.


You can never spend enough time in an SCBA, even if you are not breathing air. Simply learning how to work in the SCBA, in terms of it's affect on your balance, profile and stamina is a basic skill. if you have the ability to refill SCBA, then breathing air makes it even more productive.


Pulling line and reloading it is a basic skill, that once again, can never be done too often.


Making hydrants and practicing any water supply operations is another drill that can be done at any time.


And there are hundreds if not thousands of training programs on the internet at both sites such as this one, Firehouse, Backstep Warrior as well as those can be yielded b y a simple search on youtube or on google.




























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