Are there a lot of firefighters with nicknames within your FD. If so what are they, any of them real funny or not so fun?

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I think all firehouses and departments have nicknames....I am in a career department of over 500 and there are so many....I will tell a few of the better ones.

My Captain is named Cricket and has been since he was a kid he will nto tell us why.
we have a B-rad because this guy acts like a wigger
We have an EL Guapo cause all the ladies love him
We have a Special becuase when he was a probie he wanted his paycheck brought to him
We have a Double D which stands for Dick Doctor becuase he actually examined a guys dick ona call
There is also Flipper, Grover, Swifty,Peanut, and many more that I don't even know the story on.
im a junior, and on our dept. we have alot of nicknames. some if you dont know how they got it you would think its an insult.
well our male advisor is "Daddy", he is actually my dad, and everyone just started calling him daddy one day because i cant call him anything but daddy its just weird for me.
our junior cheif is "Dorothy" because he is from Kansas (his name is Zach) Our ast, cheif has the most names we call him "Pitbull", which comes with a long story, "Moose" cause its his last name, and they are a few others. we call my sister kristen, 'Mama" cause she is always making sure we know were to go and where to be at, at what time. the newest girl on our dpt. her name is DeEtta we call her "Dee" or "A.J." and that also comes with a long story. the new guy on our dept. who just got off his probation period somehow got the name "Porkchop (with extra gravy)" which is said with a little dance that the guys came up with. then there are a few of us that dont have nams yet....... still looking.........
One of my fellow fire fighters was called to a house to rescue a cat from a tree and his nick name was "cat rescuer". with my other job we have a sugarbear, and a shorty.
My nickname so far is Peterbilt as in the semi truck company i guess im a big rig . I think my size has something to do with it 6'6" 280 lb. size 16 shoe what do you think lol but hey i like it . We also have spotlight ,little bits, spongbob aka wambam, nanna ,pops and a few other's.
Ya, you're a Peterbilt alright. Ha!
we have a few Biggun' - is a big guy, Ogre-is a big dumb guy, Skeeter-little annoying guy, Hub-likes cars, Bub-son of a 30yr member, Slim-listens to too much rap, Rivers-real name is that of a famous river, TT(taint-thumper)-self explanatory, Rico-thinks he is a ladies man, and mine is Melon-head is huge( so I have been told)...
One unlucky S.O.B. recently was dubbed Private Snowball. Not going there.

Got a Lt. who when he first came to us as a rook right out of high school was dubbed Peaches because he and his sidekick were always together thus the birth of Peaches & Cream. Just does not work anymore since Cream is gone and Peaches has been around for like 6 years now.

Got one guy who has too many nickname to list, and none of them real nice. All I got to say is, don't piss off half the department in your first month, lord only knows what they will call you.
I got the nickname Bad Andy from the guys at the station. If something broke and I was near it, They would say Bad Andy broke it. They got it from the Dominos pizza commercials when they were using that little stuffed teddy bear in their commercials.
in my dept. we have a asst. chief who is in his late years of geriatric stages.. who for short i call gerry.... and in return i am known as diaper boy being of the younger age... lmao
I got given the name "Flatline" by the guys as they reckon my heart rate never varied no matter how bad the situation became.
Ok...keep in mind that this nickname was active only when I was a child.... Allow me to explain how I got the nickname "Bouncy Butt" ( if someone calls me that now? it's gonna get REALLLLLLL I was 12 yrs old and my family was on a roadtrip to Massachusetts... Long story short...I took a spill on a frozen lake and it was said that I actually bounced when i landed on the ice... Hence "Bouncy Butt".... :-) that the day I walked in the door. Some of the guys couldn't pronounce Wahlström, so it was Wally.
Was Brewster for a short while after Fright Night came out as I supposedly looked like the character Brewster...but that didnt stick.
I tried to lose Wally when I changed departments at 23 and did good for about 3 weeks, but of course someone from the old department claled looking for Wally and that folks was a wrap.

So the best ones Ive been around are: John Boy (big dumb ugly captain with bib overalls in GA), Pa Boone (was in his 60's), Asst chief Gonzo, Pogo, Flipper, and a few more Ill have to think about before posting...

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