Hello all, I am a volunteer firefighter with 11 years of service at the age of 27. I am also certified in numerous aspects of rescue, emergency medical services as an Emergency Medical Technician Basic, hazardous materials, and also certified as a Fire Instructor one, which I plan to further continue classes to become a state certified suppression instructor to begin to teach firefighting classes. I volunteer in a small town in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, located about 20 miles outside of the city of Philadelphia.

As I stated above, I recently enrolled in a fire inspection one class and I am now going into the program with my mind completely in this area of studies. So, I ask for assistance for members of firefighter nation who have completed this course or who are fire inspectors themselves. The required book list required for the class I'm enrolled in are as follows: IFSTA Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement 7th edition textbook and workbook; the NFPA Life Safety Standard 101 handbook; and the 2006 ICC International Fire Code.

What assistance am I asking for is the question! I am looking for magazines, including fire service trade publications, as well as any trade publications in code enforcement or fire inspections. I am also looking for any articles from the said magazines. Websites which would assist me are appreciated as well. Any other books other than the required course books as listed above. If you have any other types of media that would assist me as well, such as forms, field guides, pdf files, strategy and tactics, and other tips that would be beneficial to myself as well.

If you have any of the items I have asked for or if there is anything I may have forgotten, and you are willing to share it with me, we can use the discussion board, private messages or you can send me any information to my e-mail address: fireemt52139@comcast.net. I appreciate any assistance or leads you are willing to share with me and if you send me forms or SOP's I will remove your fire departments name if you so wish. Please feel free to contact me with any information you can share with me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Yours in Fire Safety

Eric Michael Ziegelhofer
Firefighter/EMT-B/Instructor One
Let's all stay safe in everything we do so Everyone Goes Home!

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Thank you brother I will try that out!
The USFA has some great training references, particularly the "Coffee Break". Just be careful taking in too much information and keep in mind that the codes change from state to state, it is possible to get things mixed up. I would recommend studying the books they gave you to gain a base knowledge, then expand (when the tests are done).

But, it your really hungry for it, check out interfire and order the fire investigation cd. It is great and the website has some great training topics. I will look through some of my reference stuff and get back to you with some more info.
Good luck!!
IFSTA also makes a great book on Plan Reviews. Plan review is a pain in the a**, but that is where you get used to using the code books. I have read the books you are studying from and they don't get much better than that. Also, get a copy of your state statutes. If you need copies of NFPA (No Free Publications Allowed) codes, don't buy them. Private message me and I will give you my email address, I can send mine.
The class I am enrolled in for everyone who may be confused is the fire inspector for code enforcement related issues not to determine cause and origin.

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