WELL ITS ALL BUT OVER. Am i the only one worried about the outcome of the election just curious

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I'm excited, nervous...uhh...guess it's still a little to new to proccess to much about it.
I am glad that I am not the only one!!! Maybe this post will give people a place to vent, or just talk about it.
Well I gotta say that im not happy with the outcome..But there is nothing else to do about it but move to a different country lol..Guess we can just sit back and watch it unfold..Im scared to death to be honest with you
I am from southeastern Ohio. Ohio was a Dem state in this election although the bottom half of the state was shown in Rep Red. I told someone a year ago that the new president would be Dem. It follows the pattern that by the time one party has held office for 4 yrs and things go stagnate or down hill during that time, we elect the other party into office. The economy is in crisis & we all want a change. What we have to remember is that the crisis has been pending for much longer than the last 8 yrs. Many of the issues the current Commander in Chief has dealt with is mop up or overhaul from past officials or other problems that weren't of his making. I hear people talk all the time about how Bush did this or that and how the economy is all his fault, the war is all his fault. I'm sorry people, I believe that the running of this country is an effort between Congress & the President. It takes the approval of both to get anything done.

One post says that in FY2009 that DHS funds will be increased. A comment to that is that everyone wanted a CHANGE and we can bet that in FY2010, the DHS funds will be dramatically cut.

Am I worried about it? You betcha!
Yeah, but a lot of us are NOT IAFF members. I know a lot of IAFF members who didn't support that decission.

In the city I work in the local IAFF came out in support for a candidate running for Mayor. Then they gave their support to one of the Sheriff candidates and several "new" people running for City Council. I'm glad both of them won or the local IAFF might find it hard to get along with the old boss, the mayor & the old Sheriff's office.

Utility bills are already high enough. I know I'm not the only one paying higher taxes, higher grocery bills, higher utilities, increased insurance premiums on & on & on with the same amount of money I was making before EVERYTHING increased. The reason people don't spend money & the economy is such is a mess is that we don't have anything left to spend.

Putting the fine coal powered plants out of business scares me to death. We aren't just talking about increased energy bills. This doesn't just effect the coal miners, but the coal towns, truck drivers, support personnel for these industries. I thought the idea was to create jobs, not put more people out of jobs.
From 1/2 way around the world in New Zealand I want to salute the decision of American voters in electing Barack Obama to the presidency.

After having followed earlier presidential elections and observing the chaos that followed the very close results for George W Bush the last two elections all I can say is that at least Obama has a clear mandate from which to work.

We are about to vote in a general election here which will decide if we have more (pretty much) of the same or a complete change of government on Saturday.
Worried may not be the right word, is apprehensive any better? I think we are strong enough and maybe I'm blind, but have faith in the people - not the system !!!
The thought of what may come from his election makes me sick to my stomach. The fact that so many people I think voted for him with blinders on. His policies are too drastic and will cause more problems then they'll be worth. I was not overly joyed with Mcain either but his way of thinking wasn't so drastic as Obama. Obama is scary for his past. Whether the stories of his fake birth documents and his affiliations with terrorists and outspoken people alone kept me away from putting any trust in him. As for the newly elected VP think of what things will be like forbid anything happens to Obama.This country from here on out is going to be in such a downward spriral and only some major incident or disaster will change it. Remember what Biden said that the international community would test Obama soon after he would take office to test his character. How bad does this sound? I for one fear for my future and my childrens future. God help us!
Someone suggested to me this morning that everyone in the world should have a chance to have a vote in this election, given that the US President is pretty much the most powerful leader in the Western World- not a bad idea I thought!!!!

From an outsider, I am totally amazed at your whole election campaign and process! It stuns me to see the hype and the money being thrown around- in comparison, ours are very low key. (Oh, sorry, our thrillseekers here initiated the "Kevin 07" campaign which was considered by many to be a bit out there for our liking!!!! :)

Anyone know what these campaigns cost to run???
I have heard figures like $1.5 billion for both candidates.
I believe its well over a hundred million, from private inestors.
Imagine what could be purchased with that money?

Equipment, fire trucks, ambulances, PPE, training and on and on the list goes

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