OK....The old Bullshit detector has triggered again.....How about we set up a new award here.....we give it out for the most mindless post written.....The old adage "No question is a dumb question." Obviously has never visited this site....I am beginning to wonder about some of the people here...are they Firefighters or Yard Breathers...?  I see some that have the distinction of the 2/20 club (2years in and 20 years experience)...But honestly if you cannot think of something other than the color of helmets or apparatus or whether Jrs should have pagers and go on calls then why not just not post at all....if you are doing it for the "points" then contact the "web chief" I will gladly give you mine, just spare us....PLEASE...!!!   We can call it the "WANTON WANNABEE" award...and issue it quaterly for the most deserving posting here......I have no problems posting this as I am sure it will get deleted by those in power....LOL...But in the meantime...Have fun with it.........Stay safe...always keep the faith

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come on - you know they have to match the thong !!!

but I'll let you keep your public cover "I Will NOT" story going
this once
what were we talking about again!!!!
First of all I just can't believe that Heather right smack dab in the middle of a cardiac arrrest still has the ability to tease men!? Damn your good!!!
I'm not sure but I think that alot of people are upset here about some things?
I myself drive a red fire truck but found it rivatting that people have yellow and White firetrucks and how many departments have minitor IV's and V's.Just fascinating!
And had I have not read this post I would have never had the courage to ask "what are you wearing under your bunker gear".I was just to shy to ask or come out of the closet and tell the FFN world that I wear underroos but now I know it's ok.I still can't believe Heather runs around commando,actually ya I can but now thats all i can think about.
And now I have every tool possible in my pockets cause of a handy little post that I read.Can't keep my pants up now so trust me there will be a post ask about the strongest pair of suspenders on the market.
I also wear a yellow helmet like alot of other people but found out there were a couple other colors and what they meant and that there are a couple other materials that they are actually made of.Couldn't barely stand to shut the computer off that day but I knew I had to get up for work.
And I could n't believe that someone was going to value my opinion on leather vs rubber boots.Don't find that every day.I was pretty pumped.
I've learned about R.E.S.P.E.C.T. and differences between volly and carreer and I am now clear I think on whether to run the directional light stick on the back of the firetruck back to the hall from a call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OOOOOHHHHH ya I almost forgot.I have the most awesome collection of tunes on my ipod now to listen to while responding to calls.I can't believe that up til I read that post that I worried about scene updates enroute.Thanks !!!!
So I think before we start rippin on these people you may just want to take a moment and reflect on what it is you have actually takin away from these post on FFN! no really focus people.
Damn I can't seem to get heather without a bra and underwaer out of my head!!!
I wonder how he goes from a stream to a fog? (Ew...bad visual...never mind...sorry)
I think he probably needs to see his urologist if that's his problem....LOL
A friend will come and bail you out of jail....But a Brother would be seated next to you in the cell saying...Damn that was fun....
and of course....Do you have your name written on your undies...?
I feel I MUST re-direct the conversation to ESSENTIAL RESCUE INFORMATION

when one responds POV - they must consider - WHERE the call is... such as:

New Year's Eve blizzard - 1 AM, I am asleep in my bed, not dressed - toned to go 3 houses away from my house (800') to my friend's house who is 8 months pregnant and witnessed not breathing - the only reason I took my car was to easily light up her driveway for the rest of my department - I assure you, you don't spend time layering clothing for such moments

8 other cprs (witnessed) within 2000' of my house

NOT STANDARD PRACTICE - life altering decision (for someone else's life) - 5 out of those 9 (plus the baby) lived

** WHY the men can't FOCUS on their job during such incidents instead of on me just demonstrates that they have not learned enough from this site yet - and they must start a new thread - "HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR TUNNEL VISION IN A DISTRACTING WORK ENVIRONMENT" - Richard I recommend you study that thread well as you seem easily distracted...
does naming them help cut down on unwanted traffic?
Paul, we've been enjoying reading your post and the responses to it and...lo and behold...a discussion slips in behind our backs entitled, "Fire Number." I looked at it and...OMG! Your point is WELL TAKEN!
SWEEEEET got 5 more points for that!!!
Brian Bahahaha look at all the points we can get from you ideas. I will have the hula thing in no time.

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