OK....The old Bullshit detector has triggered again.....How about we set up a new award here.....we give it out for the most mindless post written.....The old adage "No question is a dumb question." Obviously has never visited this site....I am beginning to wonder about some of the people here...are they Firefighters or Yard Breathers...?  I see some that have the distinction of the 2/20 club (2years in and 20 years experience)...But honestly if you cannot think of something other than the color of helmets or apparatus or whether Jrs should have pagers and go on calls then why not just not post at all....if you are doing it for the "points" then contact the "web chief" I will gladly give you mine, just spare us....PLEASE...!!!   We can call it the "WANTON WANNABEE" award...and issue it quaterly for the most deserving posting here......I have no problems posting this as I am sure it will get deleted by those in power....LOL...But in the meantime...Have fun with it.........Stay safe...always keep the faith

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Of course you know I was joking. (It wasn't really on backwards)
No they would not fit or I may have. New post Idea what color underwear makes you fight fire better??
sure Brian...scarey part was you didn't realize they were on backwards....
Points Heather...? I thought that you gave green stamps.......LOL
nope... wrong color... blue b--lz

thus the ice sofa...

p.s. I have no clue why they keep giving me points... or you for that matter... I am sure I am going to end up in FFN jail shortly alongside a bunch of you...
yes John - every wife wants one of those wiggly hula girls for the dash board - for those long boring holiday rides - when they are trapped in the car with their family
Geeeeez, this must be the comedy post! Love a good laugh!
WHAT !?! we are supposed to wear underwear???
yes - must wear a bra when doing cpr...

not only is it extremely distracting to the other medics/FFs (they're weak)... and very uncomfortable after doing compressions for more than 5 minutes... and quite a little adventure when the patient is revived and grabs at the first thing in front of them...

and I would have paid good $ to be at that call, 737... hee hee
"yes - must wear a bra when doing cpr..."

Until I get older and fatter (man boobs), I will NOT be wearing a bra (or would it be called a BRO?) while doing CPR.
You know this is going to sprout off into a new threads:

"What kind of undergarments do you wear?"

"Should juniors be allowed to wear underoos while on scene in their POV"

"What color underwear does your Fire Department wear?"

Blah, blah, blah!

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