Now that Michael Jackson has passed away, and what we once new as Neverland Valley Ranch is no longer... I thought I would share an experience responding to an incident on the ranch property... IA... (initial attack)

Do you have any idea how bizarre it was in concept alone knowing that you are being responded to a fire at such a unique and secret place. You have heard the stories but to actually be there? This should be interesting...

You can see the fire building up a head as we responded.

Yup... there's some work to get done... but where is the ranch? Is it threatened?

and the gates were open and ready... not a good sign...

This must be the place... Neverland...

You can see the fire approaching the ranch, but what was being threatened?

Mental Note: Good water supply... :D

There were many very valuable works of art all over the ranch. This is the main house.

Mental Note: Shake roofs... damn... also make note that what you are looking at is one of the coolest rides I have ever seen. You strap yourself into a F-16 cockpit that is built to fly 360˚, which means you fly upside down... kids love it, I hated it... This thing can burn in hell as far as I'm concerned...

There's some good defensible space, but it was weird seeing an empty theme park.

One of my favorite rides... the bumper cars...

By the time we arrived an ICP (incident Command Post) was set up and working.

This gives a pretty good perspective of how close the fire came to the ranch. You also might note the lack of actual firefighting photos... Needless to say, we were busy, so these pix are kind of before then after the fact. I'm sure you understand.

However, I must admit that I was very tempted to embellish here... but I didn't...

Helicopters were used to hit the head of the fire while dozers and hand crews attacked the flanks of the fire. Engine companies supported handcrews with handlines and water.

Rest In Peace Michael

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Neat story, Capt., thanks for sharing.
Any ego problems working along side Neverland FD?

Great photos man!
Very interesting. Glad the ranch structures were saved. Thanks for the post, Cap.
I always wanted to see Neverland, Thanks
Was it more difficult fighting the fire while wearing only one glove?
Great story Capt. thanks for sharing.
no... but the one glove thing... a bit weird if you ask me...
Awesome post Mike! I gotta ask though with that last that a publicity shot or did you take it? Because if you took it that's a whole new level of awesome.
Nice story Mike, Thanks. I've always been curious about what Neverland really looked like. This was cool. Did you take the photo of MJ? Stay safe Brother!
When the fire department was in existence, the folks who worked there were good friends of mine. It made for a wonderful working relationship.
did not take the picture but did drive the golf cart... one of the coolest things were attachments to the windshield that made the windshield a speaker for the sound system buried in the back... 10's of thousands of dollars... pretty amazing stuff...
Wow that sounds pretty cool.

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