I'm trying to find some info for a friend out west that is on a small department with a very small budget.There problem is that there first due engine is 40 some yrs old and it needs to be replaced by something a little newer.The board says they cant afford anything so there giving up on the idea.What i'm looking for are places that offer equipment to departments like this that are in need of equipment or any ideas at all.My friend is going to work on ideas on there end but having raffles and things like that dont work for them the people arent interested at all.Can anyone give me any ideas?

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Try the "Terry Farrell" fund...it was established for situations such as this...it was set up in memory Of Firefighter Farrell that died doing his job in the World Trade Center disaster...they have helped all sorts of problems be solved.....
well thank you very much.I'm just trying to get info for them until i get more info from them.Thank you so much on the info.
grants could be your bestfriend
yes grants are very good!!ty very much just getting ideas for them right now your a big help ty again
If I was in your shoes, and trying to figure out how to upgrade what my apparatus, I would network like a big dog with larger surrounding departments. Getting to know the person responsible for purchasing fire apparatus, the battalion chief in charge of the departments apparatus and equipment committee, and whoever handles excess property.

LAFD has a truck for a buck program that enabled my department to purchase a truck company for $1.00. The above photo shows some of their older engines that they have donated using the Truck for a Buck program. If one does not exist where you work and live. make it happen!

Larger departments go through engines much faster than smaller rural departments and have more of a budget for replacements. Taking the time to do some homework and networking through both phone calls and field trips may get you want you want, and maybe even a reserve apparatus on top of it.

All you have to do is ask.

What departments would be a good starting place for you to research and contact?

Starting North of you and working clockwise...

- Kansas City FD
- St. Louis FD
- Memphis FD
- Little Rock FD
- Tulsa FD
- Oklahoma City FD
- Wichita FD

and there could also be a couple of FD's in between... :D

Good luck,

your info has been very helpful ty very much.I'll pass it on.i'm in missouri and there on oregon still waiting to hear from them with more info.You have been a big help.

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