OK...I have noticed that we have all these EXPERTS here giving such great advice, slamming their Departments in a public forum,Acting as authorities that want to buck their Chiefs,No timers (no longevity in the Fire Service).....So I will ask you all this....at a Fire call should I put my right boot on first or my left...?  Would it be the same for MVA calls...?  And what about Carbon Monoxide calls....?  Does it change with the seasons....?  I am sure all those interested in the "colors of trucks", "colors of turn out gear"..."Jrs on calls" and the like will have the answers I so despirately need.....Thank-you all...............Paul    LOL  sorry I couldn't help myself....

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Here is a gooder for you guys, had a shed fire a couple weeks ago and had a firefighter bitch me out because i told his buddy to leave the hoseline until he put his helmet on. Apparently i have no authority to tell someone put their helmet on, lol.
ok, im hoping i can do my best to clear up the confusing
Fire call: left boot first
MVA: right boot first
Carbon Monoxide: Both at the same time
Change of seasons: it doesnt matter what season, but the order should be rotated every leap year
ohh, and on april fools day, you should put them on opposite feet
again, i hope this helps to clear up some confusion, but what can i say, im not even a probie lol :)
Are you in the same Department...? If not you have no authority other than report it to IC or Safety...Why were you on the same fire...? I have said things to members of my Department....I probably would have said something too if he was manning a line without a helmet...right or wrong....but it really isn't my place......
Thanks....I can't slam you yet.....you aren't even a probie yet.....sorry you are still at the wannabe level....you have to have at least put a pair of boots on first before you can clarify the rules....Maybe next year.....
ohh, ive put a pair of boots on a few times, but only in training, thankfully tho, ive never pulled my suspenders inbetween my legs, that would be uncomfortable to say the least, lol
Same department, i'm one of the Captain's
Thanks Mike, you just made beer come out of my nose!
Hold on; weren't you wearing shoes when you GOT there?
THen why would you have to put boots on if you already have shoes on?
You're messin' with me, right?
Does anyone know where you can buy Nomex/Kevlar shoe strings?
Art, check this out:


It has saved me almost 3 seconds off my response time!
You put your left foot in, you take your left foot out,you put your left foot in, and you shake it all about!..........sorry I had too
it will happen....once....someday....I think it is mandatory or something as people I have spoken to have done it at least once.....LOL
Damn...I can't dance.....LOL

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