Ok many of you grow attached to things and name them but ill admit i have grown attached to my turn out gear so i decided to name them am i the only on that has done that if not what di you name yuor gear and if you named them after somthing tell my why


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  After reading this very informative post. I have decided to name the lug nuts on my Engine.

I named my coat "Globe".  I even have a patch with the name on the sleeve. 

Did you have a naming ceremony, have a celebrity break a champagne bottle over it, and have an admiral officially place it in service, too?

Your best post EVER.




The former is overwhelmed by the latter.

Jim first thank you for becoming a firefighter. You have joined the best family in the world! I can understand being that you are a rookie, why you would do something goofy like naming your gear. Don't let these other guys kid you, we may not have named our gear, but we all did goofy things when we were rookies. Sometimes the seasoned veterans still do goofy things. All you have to remember you can name your gear, name your chair at the firehouse or whatever else you want to name, the most important thing is to train hard, be ready for every call, stay safe, and enjoy your career.

Captain Ross

ps: before anyone starts jumping up & down and saying he's only a volunteer firefighter not a career firefighter. being paid has nothing to do with having a firefighting career. I know I am a paid professional career firefighter and a volunteer professional career firefighter. 

Chill Captain,

If he had sat at the kitchen table and said he named his gear during a meal, food or milk would have been spit across the table as guys broke out laughing.  Anyone in the fire biz, career or volly, knows we bust balls and you NEVER give any ammunition for a source to bust your own balls to the guys. 

wow people are so judgemental, if someone chooses to name there gear, let them.

im very atached to my gear i have done all my training in it and been to many calls in them too, i know if someone has worn my gear cos it doesnt feel right when i put it on, i have a general name for the structual gear we wear, i call them potato suits cos we look like giant potatoes in them, but i havent given a personal name to my gear, i just call it my gear really cos its no one elses :)


If someone chooses to name their gear, none of us can stop them.  That doesn't keep it from being considered silly, nor does it make it smart to post it here.


If you do something like that and post it in a public place, there should be no surprise when the responses don't follow the poster's desired script.

 I don't know how things are done in other countries. For the most part here in the US. If you do somthing goofy like name your gear. We are going to bust your balls over it.  Cause were firemen.

  Here is a news flash. No matter what you do in your carreer from now on, it won't matter. 30yrs from now when guys are talking over coffee.  When they speak of you. They will refer to you as the guy who named his gear.   Not to say they won't be saying nice things about you. You will just be refered to as that way.


Dude you and I could work in the same department.  The time that incident would get brought up was when that guy was trying to bust someone else's balls.  You are right it would get brought up over and over and over for the rest of his career, and beyond.

My coat- STINKY

My Pants- Nasty Stink

My Boots- Stinky boots

Helmet- Pretty and clean

Just kidding, I never name my gear

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