Last night we were dispatched for a MVC car vs a Cow. What kind out of the ordinary MVC or other calls have you had?

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I wasnt on this but a friend of mine was on that rig move. In rig moving putting on chains takes time so you just drive easy.

he lost a pump that hit the ground and flipped landed in the back of the pickup and stopped the guy cold enough that it put the guy threw the windshield
Last year we toned out on a rollover, one car MVA. We got the driver and the passenger out and there were no serious injuries. But the driver kept going on and on about a bat that flew in his window and that was why he lost control of the vehicle. Of course we were all rolling our eyes over this as it was about 14:00 on a beautiful summer day. Not really the prime time for bats to be out and about. So after he was transported we were milling about as FF's normally do as the wrecker began to roll the vehicle upright. As it rocked back onto it's wheels there was a trooper standing close by and from somewhere underneath, incredibly, out flaps a BAT!! I don't know which was funnier, the group of big, manly fire fighters scattering like a covey of flushed quail, or the trooper squealing like a girl as he headed out across the adjacent pasture at a dead run!
I have one that involves the cops........ We were dispatched on a mutual aid call in a neighboring district for a CO alarm with ill effects. Our Quint was first on scene. Me and my Assistant Chief were the first in, as we entered the residence we saw two cops standing in the foyer in the front of the house. Our meters started to stedily climb and at about 14 my Assistant Chief turns to me smiles and is like hurry up put your mask on. The two cops almost knocked me over while they were trying to run out of the house. When they got outside the started asking the medics are we in danger, do we need to go to the Hospital. We all got a pretty good laugh out of that.
we got called out one night for a pia so i responded in my pov i was the second on scene as i was getting on my bunkers on i looked over at the truck against the tree and realized that it was a truck of a guy i gradated high school with as i got over to the vehicle i could smell beer there were two people in the s-10 as we were extricating them we got a report of a third passenger so we had to search the ditches turns out the third passenger was a puppy the driver had in his coat that he just picked up but actually saved his life because the puppy took the full blow of the steering wheel instead of the driver of course it made a nice surprise for the emts after we got him in the ambulance anyway we got him and the passenger in the ambulance and got them off to the hospital we were walking around waiting for the wrecker to show up i was talking to one of the cops and asked him what he thought do you think drinking ran off the road and hit the tree he said no he hit a horse i was like yea right who the hell hits a horse the cop shined his light up the road and sure as shit there was a horse dead in the middle of the road they figured that the driver was traveling in excess of 85 to 95 mph when they hit the horse he actually field dressed the horse we had to call one of the local excavating company's to haul away the horse it was kinda funny as the front end loader went off down the road with this dead horse hanging off the bucket
dude, that was a horrible story.
Haha Reg, Girly men!
We were called to rescue a cow after the field had flooded. We took the boat to the field and set off to find it. Found it belly deep in water. There was no possible way we were getting her in the zodiak, and we weren't towing her. Ended up putting her in the bucket of a tractor and transporting her to another field with the rest of the cows. The dispatcher was even snickering while giving the info over the pager.

2009 Ford F-150 vs. x3 Cows, 75mph impact, driver walked away...

Here's the story...

On May 9th, I was driving on south Interstate 45 from Dallas to Houston at 5 in the morning. It was pitch black outside and as I came over a small hill in the road, there were 6 cattle standing across the freeway. I was traveling 65-70 miles an hour and I did not have time to react and swerve away from the cows. I hit and killed 3 of the cows.

I don't remember much of the wreck, but I do remember that I walked away from it. Once the police arrived on the scene, the were sure that anyone in the vehicle was surely dead. As every new officer and helping passer by came upon us, I was asked if I had checked on the people in the vehicle. They were surprised every time that I told them that I was the only one in the vehicle. They would ask how I was even standing after the wreck.

I firmly believe that God put me in an F-150 exactly one week before the accident for a reason. The truck was totaled, and looking at the damage, I can see how anyone would not believe that I walked away from the accident. I had a twisted vertebrae, dislocated ribs, a concussion, and some burns from the airbag. All of that is fixable, and the one thing that I also have is my life.

If I would have been in my previous vehicle, they said I would have been decapitated. On my F-150, the hood rolled back over the windshield and shielded anything from coming through it. The frame kept the cockpit in tact and overall, this truck truly performed the safety features to the max. No-one ever thinks of hitting 3 900 lb cows when they think of auto accidents, but your engineers and designers have put features into this truck that will save hundreds of lives, and I am sure glad they saved mine.

I've done a forward control vehicle (van) versus 2x racing horses at 100kp/h, pitch black. One horse went u over the top of the van, severly trapping the passenger. The other horse went straight in on top of the driver, killing him instanty- the horse cme to rest on top of him, with it's arse hanging out the front window...
When I was in college I ran with a department for about 1 1/2 years and we had a car vs an Amish buggy. I wasnt on the call however I heard it was pretty much exaclty what your mind comes up with when you think about the call.

I also had a call with my Home company a few years back, when a guy wrecked his motorcycle to avoid a horse. He was telling us that was why he wrecked when we first got there and no one really believed him at first, we thought it may had been the head injuries talking. But about 15 or 20 minutes later we saw a horse running across the road down from the scene.
Got paged to assist the police at the local police station one afternoon so when we got rolling I called dispatch and asked if they had any more info as we had never been asked before to assist the police at their station. Dispatch replied that they did have further info but they wouldn't put it over the radio, and that the police would give us further info when we arrived.

When we got on scene we found several police officers out front looking very sick and distressed - turns out that an officer accidentally discharged their capsicum spray dispenser in the locker room and so we were asked to ventilate the station using our PPV fan.

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