What was the most embarassing moment you've had in the fire service. Mine came recently. I was helping out another dept in the area after tornados had hit, I was riding in the rear seat on the first out engine to a structure fire. Well we get on scene and I go to get out of the engine and not being used to that engine I missed the step and landed flat on my backside. Of course ther were a couple of dozen people to see my graceful fall, they were out cleaning up after the tornados. I got up, put on my SCBA and made a beeline for the interior of the house. I'm sure that everyone has had moments when they wanted to crawl away and hide, or at least get inside of a burning structure to hide their embarassment.

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my most embarrassing one was on my basic training running hose drill while running back to the pump to give instructions to the operator i tripped over my own feet and did a perfect roll back onto my feet and carried on thinking i had not being seen till i turned around to see a instructor giving me the all knowing smile
Before pagers the siren used to blow until a responder got there to shut it down and answer the alarm phone. So, siren is blowing, I'm stranded at home w/ no car, grabbed a bike from the garage and peddled the 7 blocks to the station. Couldnt believe the siren was still blowing. Dozens of people were lined up outside to vote. I heard one say "Look out here comes Pete. Let him through". I felt like Moses as the line parted and I peddled through it and set the velocipede against the station. Been a very long time since I had spent any time on bike. Everyone was watching. I took one step, my knees crapped out and this wanna be hero went flat on his face. I dragged myself up on the steps of the rescue cab. The captain hadn't seen the fall. He told me to get in and drive. I struggled into the seat, pulled on one knee to left one foot on to the clutch and the other knee to get the other foot on to the brake and away we went. Thats it. Since then I have never made a mistake. Except maybe for the ones that would fill a small highly classified and very private journal. God bless.
ahhhhhhh you didnt tell us about this one rolley

:) hahahaha
mine was when i tryed to do a secret easter egg (it was when i first joined)
so i got a cadbury creme egg and wrote a note "cadbury creme egg,how do you eat yours" and being one of 3 females the station 1 being a old lady the other married ,everyone knew it was me, and the person who i gave it too probably wont let me live it down,

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