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Add two more people to the list of arson suspects in Schuylkill County.

Four men who police say when they were firefighters are charged with going on an arson spree in Schuylkill County.

Now another firefighter is charged. Charles Ferguson of the Friedensburg Fire Department Tuesday turned himself into state police.

He was joined by Devon Smith of Auburn, who is not a firefighter. He is also accused of being part of group that state police call serial arsonists.

Smith said he was sorry for his part, but added, "I did not set any fires."

State police said the six are connected with eight set fires in Schuylkill County over nearly four months.

"It's rare that you see a group of people work together for arsons or at least going around burning things to this magnitude. Typically it's loner or solo individuals," said Pennsylvania State Police Corporal Kevin Reichert.

State police said several barns and one home was targeted by the serial arsonists. Investigators said if the spree was not stopped, the arsonists could have other homes on their list.

State police said people in the affected area should now feel safer.

"It makes me at ease as such. I am glad they caught them. It gives some relief to the people and everyone else, the farmers," said Charles Noll of Berks County.

"I've got to give credit to the state police. They were out there looking for them. They were out here plenty of times, so they did a great job going out there are finding these guys," said Bill Kirwan of Reading Stove Company.

Troopers said the six set the fires because they were bored.

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Wonder what kinds of lights they all had on their vehicles.
they think they were bored then wait till they go to prison oh wait a min for their outstanding service previous they will get probation and some mental help, if i was the judge hard time no doubt
I wonder what color trucks they had......
Mine is Blue Jack! I have safely used it for over 15 years now! As training/safety officer I am constantly "watching" probationary members as well as long time members for "the signs of stupidity" as i Tell my Officers. We have a very in depth arson background check/ interview before we allow anyone to become a member of our Sta. and I can speak for our Areas whole Dept. to do the same. I agree that Vol. Depts. have a huge problem to face in this regard, we have a responsibility as seinor members to stay vigilent and watch for these idiots constantly... but to stereotype all of us by the lights on our vehicles is wrong. In NE Penn. we're all you've got! Most of us do this job because LOVE is not to strong a word for us. We do it with Professional attitudes, and constant training, And ... in most cases... a deep respect and kinship with our paid Brothers. We have our issues, but we fight fire, just like you, we do hazmat at a national opps level, just like you, we see the worst man has to throw at us just like you. Trust me no one hates these bloody idiots more than we do... they give people like you more fuel, and make us all look bad. A blue (or red) light on top of my vehicle makes me no less a Firefighter than you, or anyone else on here that does the job!
I hate reading this shit!!! Arson Firefighters make me SICK!!!(all arson fires make me sick) I feel they should have a stiffer sentence than non ff arsons!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!
You know Jack maybe you should think before you speak. As a Vol Fireman/EMT I have to meet the same standards as as a paid Dept. I have certs from NFA, I am Hazmat qualified, and a NREMT. I have NO lights on my vehicle. Its a shame the a few can give so much ammunition to idiots like you who would pass judgment of all Vollies because you think your better than us. All the Vollies I know serve with pride because we want to give back to our community, and we do so without pay. We take time from family, and from work to keep ourselfs qualified and trained all without the thought of a pay check. How dare you pass your bigoted ideas against Volunteer Firefighters, just because you happen to get a pay check.
They won't be bored hiding from a cellmate looking for "love."
Bored OMG! there is so much good they could have been doing if they were bored helping farmers clean out their barns instead of burning them down.....go to schools and teach kids fire safty,play a game of basketball,,firemen are usually hero's to kids someone to look up to wow these men have sure tainted that..Obviously these Fire Fighters did not think about their family or brother and sister fire fighters.. luckily no lives were lost..Paid or Volunteer Fire fighters no difference except the pay cheque..all do the same thing rescue ppl,put fires out,time away from their families learning new techniques and how to use the latest shame on full time fire fighters looking down on Volunteer fire fighters the only thing different is they do it because they want too not for the pay cheque...and hopefully that is just a handful of full time Fire Fighters that feel that way.

Billy,I agree with your comment..they better sleep with their asses to the wall...
Don, if the shoe doesn't fit then don't worry about it. Do you people NOT read links and replies? All you seem to see is some perceived insult and you react to IT rather than the actual message. VFD's NEED to be more aggressive and thorough in vetting their new members so that they DON'T have arsonist-members.

This has nothing to do with paid vs. volunteer, THAT assertion is a fabrication all of your own (and your own insecurity). i can't believe that you haven't read any of the other links on this topic where I've included links that back up my "assertion".

Please note that while you have made a personal attack against me I am choosing NOT to reply in kind. But bear in mind that most of what you wrote is really nothing more than an expression of your insecurity. Go back and find where I'm bigoted or passing judgment. Sheesh.
Hey Don,

I'll bet it would be a real kick in the pants if it turned out Jack was actually a vollie.
Wouldn't it, though.
Maybe you should do something with that profile. I tried to tell you.........

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