We've all done, seen or heard of someone or company making poor dicissions either at the emergency scene or in the station.  These could have been practical jokes gone wrong, dumb acts or just funny accidents.


I am compiling as many stories as possible.  I want to make a book or series, not sure of format yet- whether comic style or illistrated stories, about these incidents. This collection will have twp objectives 1] entertain the reader, and 2] lesson(s) learned. We can all learn something from each other and keep each other safe.  Thou much make be dark and the 'normal' people of society might not get it - that's ok. It isn't meant for them. It's for us - the Fire fighters, EMT's even the police.


Example1] The fire fighter in upstate NY, pumping out flooded basements in the winter. Hard suction hose couplings jammed due to ice while setting up for water removal.  He popped the couplings free - right into his forehead. Split it like a ripe tomato. A/C states in mopnotone and without emotion "you're bleeding on MY hose". Wet and ice covered FF apologizes and finishes coupling hose while bleeding. Ice numbs the flesh so there is no pain. Homeowner gets sick from sight of blood and lack of emotions and joking of involved FF's. Cleaned with snow and butterfly band-aid.


I know this story well b/c I was the FF that popped the hose into my forehead. My father, an engineer with the FD as well was not surprised and got no sympathy. Just asked if it hurt. Only after I thawed out did it. Should have required a few stitches, but what's the point -0 I had a band-aid.




Ex 2] Upstate NY, male FF respondeding to a tractor-trailer roll-over on the interstate - early morning. Minimal traffic. Responded to the accident on a snowmobile in full PPE and passed the fire truck and fire chief on the road in passing lane.  Truck driver, a Captain on-scene and State Trooper stopped what they were doing and watched the FF pull up on the snowmobile. They couldn't believe it.  He had to find a secondary way to get off the Interstate, for he couldn't return the way he came.  Against NY state law to operate asnowmobile on the Interstate.




Ex 3] FF whom gets hurt every time he plays basketball in the station and ends up in the Alarm Room/Dispatch for injuries. 



Please provide plenty of detail in your story/submission. Perhaps an e-mail or other way to contact you for more detail if neccessary.  This is the informtion I am looking for:

1] Male or Female

2] Rank [ie: Rookie, FF, Lt, Capt, A/C, Chief]

3] Career or Volunteer

4] what happened?

5] rule, regulation, or law not observed [even if unintentional]

6] state, country - actual FD if you want, but will not be named in the story itself

7] where happened? [station, off-duty, incident scene, driving]

8] first name or initials of involved parties. [ if initials, will need to identify of (m)ale or (f)emale


None of these stories are meant to embarrass anyone or any department. As stated before they are meant to be humorous and learned from.  We all make mistakes, have an oops or a series of bad luck or been the subject of a really good practical joke.


All named personnel, submittors and Fire Departments will be listed at the end with my thanks and appreciation. 


It is inferred consent that any submitted stories will be shared with the public through this website.  Or submit privately through FFN mail or my e-mail: mr_crandall@hotmail.com Subject: Mis-adventure.


THANK YOU for your submissions and ideas.


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Sounds cool if I come across any stories I will send them to you.
Thank you.

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