OK, Now don't fall over...I do sometimes have some thoughts and ideas that aren't over the edge....I have a question for all to give me their thoughts...I admit I am looking for the OLD JAKES mainly but all are welcome for their point of view.....I have been recently "volunteered" to take on a "newbie" as his mentor....this young man has no training what-so-ever...I don't want to take the approach of OK...this is a Fire Truck....I thought to start out I would pull everything off one vehicle at a time...show him what is there, where it is  kept and a brief explanation of what it is used for..so that at least if we were at a scene and someone shouted I need....... he could go get it....then after we do all the vehicles I would give him a list and sort of send him off on a scavenger hunt to find everything.....we already went over all the SOG's and By-laws of the Department....I hope to get him into Fire I soon...He has the drive and the ambition (I think)  Time will tell...But do I come across as the mentor or ease him along like a Big Brother....I need for him to learn some things quickly as he doesn't get himself or someone else ( me) hurt....Once he has Fire I under his belt then the expectations rise dramatically and he then becomes what I call "probie"...Now that's another story.....LOL  Thanks........Stay safe. Keep the Faith

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Paul just take it somewhat easy on him for a bit.You gotta geta feel for the kid first.If you terat him like a brother then you might just slap him upside the head if he doesn't do sommething (that's what brothers do).You should know what he is capable of in a little bit.Hell if he can make it through those boring SOG's and SOP's that's gotta show some character right there.
keep an eye on his weaknesses and work on them and just refresh him every once in awhile on the other stuff so it's not forgotten.we do a little excercise and the cheif will hand us a list of items and say go find them on the truck and write down the compartment # and ant other specifics(i.e. in a red tool box third shelf etc.)Try that with him.Alot of stuff is better to do hands on if you are able.I used to go down to the station with a guy when Iwas trying out and he would pull the truck out and show me how to run the pump and let me practice pulling hose and packing it back up and practice donning my gear while he timed me.
I'm sure if you keep mixing in the fun stuff with the boring stuff he will keep interested and retain more as he goes along. Good Luck My Friend hope you teach him well!!!
Paul, That sounds great, one of my favorite parts of the job is teaching probies. Try this, start by showing him a fire (on a white board) and explain all the jobs that need to be done and who does them, then the SOP's and tool location takes on some sort of order. I you know what the goal s the tools to get there make sense. Good luck, and I am glad you are still writing.
Richard I am talking about a "newbie" not a "probie"....A newbie you coach and prod because they don't know better....a probie you whack up beside the head...they have some training and should know better....LOL

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