Before you watch this video be warned. This happened yesterday and was shown live. It does show a ped vs auto collision. If you want to fast forward and skip the BS, go to 50-55 seconds. Go to and follow the high speed chase link

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Acccording to the video, the suspect was running from the police after they tried to arrest him for "lewd and lacivious acts with a child". Pardon me if I don't shed any tears for this dirtbag. Karma has a way of catching up with people!
The poor Cadillac! I hope it held up ok...I'm sure it did, I've seen them take worse. No sympathy for people who diddle kids, he should have gotten much worse. As far as MOI goes, out the window, you never know when they're going to fake something, I've seen some agencies even handcuff the dead, because nobody wants any surprises!
I was hopeing another car ran over him the basterd
Now now now. I didn't post this as a comment on some low-life scum bag who should have been killed by this TA and who will now suck a few hundred thousand dollars of tax-payer money while he rots in prison. I just wanted to show how these injuries occur so that we can better treat a patient.
Yes i agree on a real patient But s--t like him SORRY
Jay....I see what you're saying, but here's a situation where we're kept back, and in some instances, police will still use the same amount of force they used to subdue him as they did in this video. As EMS workers, who are supposed to "do no further harm" how can you not if their sanctity is already compromised??

Ok, ok, as a side note, I still stand by my original posting, people who screw around with kids should still be punished (severely) but looking at the MOI we go!
Where is it at, I can't find out!
Where was the link all I saw was about the earthquake
That's the problem with news links. Other news pops up. If you scroll down the news 8 video to "Suspect hit by car after police chase...". I just checked it and at 1747 PST it was still there.
Guy looks like he lucky to be alive.. just had a 21 killed on route 81 just a week a go crossing it....
Lucky it did not snap his silly little neck.

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