Since Tom unfortunately closed replies to his prayer discussion (which is pointless, Tom, since any nitwit can open up a new one right here) I feel compelled to open up a new one right here.


Jack, I think Matthew was referring to the conspicuous display of piety - which is often more about the display itself than the piety. At any rate, I imagine a certain amount of street corner preaching can't be avoided if you want to get the word out to the troops that they should pray in private.

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I agree, the display (or appearance of piety) is more important than piety itself. Which, in my opinion speaks to Tom's post: posting what prayers you use announces to people that you pray, that (you think) you are pious and you want to share your piety with others. In other words, you're standing on the street corner praying in public. Even if you aren't actually praying, the effect (IMO) is the same; praying, or letting/making sure people know that you pray is the same thing.

Please take note, I am not in any way condeming, dismissing or in any way belittling prayer or people that pray
(prey being something else entirely), only that in my opinion posts such as Tom G.'s are at best, self-serving and at worst, impious.

I couldn't possibly make that assessment - with respect to Tom and his motives - given the limited information available. Just like a cigar is sometimes just a cigar, maybe Tom's post about prayer was just a post about prayer. Maybe he's sincere, maybe he isn't. I sure can't tell - and won't hazard a guess - just by looking at this screen.
I would make that assessment, but mostly because of the fact that he closed his discussion to comments and the comment he made when he closed it.
In my view, the closing of the thread is evidence of his over-sensitivity to negative comments. He's certainly not alone, especially here on FFN, in that regard.

Now that's an assessment for which there's plenty of evidence, regrettably.

I think you nailed it.

I appreciate you and the others here that have a thick enough skin to conduct online firehouse kitchen table discussions without taking your ball and going home when someone disagrees.

And...imagine...arguments on the intenet. Who woulda' thunk?

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