NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. - An annual "Merry Christmas" sign on a North Andover fire station has been ordered removed.

Town officials told firefighters last week to take down the homemade sign after they said people complained.

Fire Chief William Martineau said Monday that the sign was made by firefighters about 50 years ago and never had been an issue before.

The order comes a week after selectmen voted to allow a menorah display on the town common for only one day instead of all eight days of Hanukkah. They said a new town common policy only allows displays to stay up for one day, no matter what they are.

Town Manager Mark Rees said the town's public buildings should not be displaying things specific to a particular religion.


Information from: Eagle Tribune,

Bah! Humbug!: Town outlaws Merry Christmas sign

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I totally don't agree with not being allowed to display signs that say merry christmas.
I sure hope that their insignia does not include the Maltese Cross in it! After all that is a "Christian" symbol, and holds meaning for "St. Florian", the "Patron Saint of Fire Fighters"! Approximately 80% of this country is Christian, it is time to stop catering to the whining, sniveling, cry babies! If having a Merry Christmas sign is so bad here, I say we take up a collection to purchase a ONE WAY ticket to China, or some other place where there are NO freedoms, and bid them Farewell!!!

you said it all right there doug
Now see, that's the true christian spirit I keep hearing about.
Let's all hold hands and press 'Play'
ya know things are going too far................. I dont really hate on other peoples religious beliefs and such, but when those people hate on mine.... I'm not into accomadating everybody anymore, THIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON CHRISTIANITY! I know it was meant for freedom from religious oppression, but when your beliefs oppress mine then you definatly need to GTFO! try living in Iraq
I think its a shame what this country is comming to. I think our founding fathers would be ashamed to call themselves patriots with what we are letting this country get away with
Tell those people that complained to go to HELL
So I guess that means no Santa Runs, no Tree Lighting Ceremony, No Santa riding the big red Fire Engine through town waving at the kids.... What's next, no Santa in the Department Stores? No Wish List for Santa? No Christmas Stockings? Banning Christmas Carols on the radio? It is sad to think that there will be a generation of children who never knew the wide-eyed magic of the Holiday Season...............
I Agree, WTF is going on here this crap is getting way to far outta hand, MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL not "Happy Holidays" thats why im glad to be who and what i am, get over it just lets get back to the what we used to do and be as a country
I agree this country is going down hill the goverment needs to quit running our lives We had flags in our schools .And oh yes i parents whiped us to and we ARE all still fine . TEHY NEED TO MIND THERE OWN BUSSINESS. world gone to shit
I agree WP, if hanging a Merry Christmas sign constitutes governmental promotion of chritianity, then so must allowing the Maltese Cross to be displayed on governement owned fire apparatus! This has gone WAY TOO FAR!
Your beliefs are not being oppressed, they are just no longer considered to be always correct and/or the only way to see things/believe in things, and that is both religious freedom and american.
And, this country wasn't founded on christianity, it was founded on people who were christians (mostly)...please re-read your history book(s). happy holidays. may the great flying spaghetti monster bless you with is noodley appendage. Ra-men.

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