we are a small volunteer dept that has 30 members that work out of 1 station and cover 100sq miles. we are in the process of rewriting our bylaws and sog's to reflect the changes made in the last few years or will be made . anyone wishing to share there bylaws or sog's can email me
bwdavis6109@yahoo.com and put bylaws or sog in the header. our dept responds to anything on fire and to mva's, also we have a new ethonal plant opening in our district in a couple of months. anyone delt with this type of plant? any infomation will be appreciated.

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Brian as far as ethanol fires....you may want to get some people in the "Flammable and Combustable liquids course"...If you contact Volney Fire Department they will have everything that you might need for resources....they had a plant put in their district and the company went to their Chief and told him to spec out an engine...they actually bought it for them.......(wow)
Brian...you may want to do a little research on ethanol.....its nasty shit....about the only thing to put it out (if you can't let it burn) is ARAFFF....and for a supertanker (12000 gallons) it would take about 1500 gallons of the concentrate....now you can't run it through your pump on your truck so you would probably need eductors and need to train in the use if haven't used in awhile...and lots and lots of mutual aid......best bet would be to contact Dept of Natural Resources or Coast Guard if something happens....they show up quickly and have big check books....there is a company that operates 24 hours a day that has supplies on hand in Penn....they can get you what you might need in a hurry...also get out to the plant and do a great (not good) preplan...see what resources they have on hand....many times they have their own Fire Brigade that can be a great resource....again strongly recommend the combustable/flammable liquids course...it might save your ass......Good luck............Paul....PS I have my book from the class if you would like to borrow it (Just please return it when you are done)....Paul
The plant should have thre own fire dept. Your dept needs to contact the plant and have meeting with your officers. Find out about there emergency guidlines, training, etc. Also set up training between your dept and there in house dept. You also need to find out if they will donate anything to your dept. Many times a large plant will give the local dept/s. in there area equipment,gear,training etc. This helps them insure the dept that will be respond is well prepaired to take care of there plant.
We affectionally refer to it as "Ethyl/methyl bad shit"
Oh, don't forget to look into getting a Copommoter.
Check out this link they have a lot of videos & training documents on the bad shit...

If your area is anything like ours they will offer them tax abatements ranging from 5-20 years just to get them to build and create jobs. With them not paying taxes for any period of time can create a drain on the local taxpayers! We had an ethanol plant start construction in our district so our city offered them tax abatements with the stipulation that they will pay a set fee for fire protection every year including after they start paying taxes of which they were more than happy to do. Some area residents unfortunately felt they needed to file multiple lawsuits to stop construction. Ultimately the lawsuits went in favor of the ethanol plant but construction was delayed for so long that they haven't resumed work in over 2 years, but they are still paying the fire protection fees!
"Tri-Nitro Killyatwice"
Don't need a copommoter,,,,we have all the "Blue Canaries" that we need.......

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