so i have a 2001 ford mustang and im looking fir lighting ideas without putting a light on the roof unless someone has ideas for a good low profile light message me with ideas please

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My suggestion is don't put any lights on or in your vehicle. If you test it you will find that it will actually take you longer to get to a call running lights.
I am sorry but I can't agree....having said that there is a time and place to lights and sirens, and remember we are only asking permission to pass. Also lights and sirens don't make you invincible to accidents, etc.

Sometimes I use my lights and sirens other times not. Also sometimes used to warn traffic of accident ahead ( ie: blocking roadway and directing traffic )
Jeff before you actually buy the lights find out what the laws are in your particular area and what the policy is within your own dept. Some don't allow them period. Some allow lights only and some allow lights and siren. Also if your dept. allows lights or lights/siren be sure to take an EVOC class and regularly update yourself on protocol and laws within your state and SOP/SOG within your dept. They do have a use and if used properly they can be beneficial but only when used properly and if you use sound judgement/ due regard.
I like to use Galls....

Signal™ LED Grille Lights
As Low As $169.99

Signal™ Mini Phantom Max Combo Kit
As Low As $289.98

Whelen® 60 Watt Power Supply and Hideaway Kit
As Low As $289.97

Galls® Premium Combo Kit
As Low As $369.97

As for a lightbar you really do not need one but here is one....

Razor M-Tech Plus 46" LED Bar (only 2-3/4" high)
As Low As $599.99

From the look of your vehicle I would...:
-Put in a couple of grill lights,
-Put in a dashlight,
-Put in decklights, and
-Put in hideaway strobes.

Keep in mind that you need to stay within your state's volunteer lighting guidelines. For example, vollies in NYS can use blue, but not red, and cannot use sirens.

As for a website, Galls is too expensive, and that's due to it's well-known brand. I go to They have a ton of great lights for good prices. I bought the LED Quad from them over a year ago and it still works perfectly. It's very bright and comes with a decent amount of patterns.

But if you have the money, the 3 count Mini Phantom kit from Galls is pretty legit. One of the guys in my dept. has the same car and that's what he runs with, as well as hideaway strobes.
I guess it depends on where you live, but from my perspective due to where I live is that emergency lights help. Of course one operating with emergency lights must stress DUE REGARD. However, they do expedite your travel time.

As Wayne said, there is a time and place. My dept. runs EMS as well, so whenever we get Alpha priority calls (low priority) we don't even go lights and sirens.
Tomar Blade...less then 2" thick LED lightbar, lower level Tomar Rect13 mini LED warning lights. Just better bring your pocket book if you have justification to do this to your mustang.
I am running whelen lights in my truck one is similar to the mini phantom much cheaper around 70 to 80 dollars it is above my rear view mirrow very bright led with several flash paterns its call wheelen slimmiser look it up on youtube also i have wheelen tri 3 led grill lights. On top of that i have code 3 710 wig wag fasher works very well with moving traffic. and if the lights dont move them i have a carson siren with mechanical sound (sounds like a Q) that gets them out of the way.
You may have already read this forum, (see the link to the forum about the North Carolina responder), if you have not please do. I am a strong advocate for no lighting in POVs. This incident (and sadly many others like it) is the reason why. To often, responders with lights and squwak boxes end up in MVIs and 9 times out of 10 it was the responders fault! Really? and we are still sitting here on this sight asking these kind of questions?
If I was an outsider to this service and looking at these forums I would really begin questioning the fire service and those involved. I mean this is a perfect example right now! The forum before yours was this and now I open yours to see that you want to know what the best lights are? Can you say irony?
I would use hideaways in your head and tail lights. (make sure your state allows them) LED grill lights and a LED light in your rear window. I know in PA its the law to use a roof light visible 360DEG.
I do advocate you discuss with your department on its regulations and your state laws before mounting any lights. Im not against pov lighting, you must use them with due regaurd, don't turn them on and run down the road. You have to use your head. I have used my lights very few times while traveling to a scene i use them mostly when parked on a road for traffic control, and yes i also read the thread on the north carolina driver its an unfortunate event. On our dept we dont allow everyone to have lights, We only allow lights in a pov if you are an officer, regular FFs are not allowed to have lights and we also attend a highway patrol sanctioned EVOC class. If we have lights we have to have an audible siren safe driving is the key you cant help others if ur hurting others or yourself. Stay safe and drive safe
thank you to all very helpfull and have given me alot to think about and look over

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