Does any other department out there get calls for lift assist only? We have a couple people that think the 911 system is set up for them to call when they need to get their out of shape Butt up and take them to the bathroom, or pick them up off the floor cause they cant get up when they roll out of bed. If you do have people that do this, what is your protocall for people that abuse the system?
Do you call your Dept of Human Services or just let it go. If i have to go one more time to help someone change their diaper i am going to scream. We are not butt wipers/diaper changers and i need to find out what everyone else does.


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No i am not the only one in the Dept that is complaining. The Chief is really the one more fustrated than i am. He has gone to APS, the City and everyone else you can think of. We have started to keep a log file of every run we make on her and are going to turn it in to APS and a few others to force her to accept the help.
Anytime the tones go off for a lift assist or any other call we have a full crew assigned to each truck and our Rescue unit is first out, and yes we all go so it is not just me on location.
Yes, we get called for lift assists on a regular basis.... But normally it's the rescue squad calling us because the person is really obease or is a difficult area if you know what I mean.....
Or because they have two really little people on.
Allen....I have a few issues here....I understand and agree with your point of calls to assist to Bathroom or to assist with adl's (activities of daily living) that is NOT the justification for EMS calls....BUT...I think that if we have someone in our district that has fallen and just needs a little help getting up (not injured)...well I don't see a problem with it...(dispatch tells us the nature of the call) we prioritize as we need to and may not immediately get there but we aren't long in arriving...These are normally the elderly and living alone...they have paid their taxes for many years and probably been one of our greatest supporters over the years...we owe them...not the other way around. But, then again that's just my point of view......Stay safe and always remember to keep the faith Brother.....Paul
Nope... They have nursing homes and well paid nursing staff to take care of that shit. I am sorry.. but to me, you get one help me wipe my ass for free card, after that.. no way, its not worth it. Dont even think about giving me, if that was your mom crap... because unlike the people that you are talking about, My mother and grandmother, know not to boreth the fire department and help from either myself or my sister is just a phone call away, and faster than then FD.
Damn...can't yopu just feel the compassion in the air.....LOL...Stay safe...Never get old......Paul
Well, 1st the Ambulance Authority (down staris) is dispatched . IF the medics can't do it by they're selfs we start rolling a truck that-a-way. 8 times out of 10 we are en-route but canceled.

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