Does any other department out there get calls for lift assist only? We have a couple people that think the 911 system is set up for them to call when they need to get their out of shape Butt up and take them to the bathroom, or pick them up off the floor cause they cant get up when they roll out of bed. If you do have people that do this, what is your protocall for people that abuse the system?
Do you call your Dept of Human Services or just let it go. If i have to go one more time to help someone change their diaper i am going to scream. We are not butt wipers/diaper changers and i need to find out what everyone else does.


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I can only Imagine the smell in that place. Makes you want to bunk up in full gear just to go in there. i have made a few calls like that and it was all we could do to breath. But if every call was easy we would be bored!!:)
I have to agree.. Does she have a touch of Dementia.. It is sad,but part of the business that we are in...
The only "frequent flyer" I remember was a woman that had MS, and her son wasn't strong enough to help her up when she fell. We would get frequent "invalid assist" calls to her residence. I've never been on any assist calls where someone is abusing the system. If I became aware that someone was simply abusing the system, I would turn the matter over to our Dept. of Human Services in accordance with our Department SOP's. Stay safe, and remember, the emergency is what the patient perceives it to be.
We put a big smile on our mugs and help'em up. I always tell to call anytime they need help. However, if they cannot care for themselves I pass it on to the cops and APS. e are not assisted living organizations. We also send any licensed facilities that call us a bill for $75.
I think you guys are missing the point here. I have no problem in the world going out to help a person that needs it. The part i have an issue with is that i have a person that is living on her own "Because she wants to" and is refusing to get help from the state, goverment AND City. She elected this option and we have made Multiple attempts to get her help and she keeps turning them away. This is what i am complaining about, not that i helped change her diaper and tucked her back in the bed. I knew when i got in the bussiness that calls like this happen and i "Believe it or not i do have a heart" Do not mind it. It is when she calls the 911 system and we have to tie up a crew for this is the problem.
Really now? You want to buy some Palm Trees in Alaska? I could become a saleman
Hi Allen, I'm new here but not to the fire service. I have a question " What did you think you signed up for?" I may be off a little here but to me the fire service is a vocation not a vacation. What I've learned is some people can't control their own fate and you'll rest easier if you don't try to control them either. I'm not familiar with your particular frequent fliers but we have a program here in Kansas city where we can refer these people to C.A.P., Citizens Assist Program. The Visiting Nurses Association assist these people and find out where they might have slipped through the cracks. The first year for this program was so well received it is now funded over the next three years for a million dollars and it works. It IS the most powerful tool I have on my rig.
BE SAFE Charley
I think everyone has these people in their response area. I know we have a few in our's and yes it gets under your skin when they do it. We do not wipe thier butt or anything else. Most of the people we respond to are elderly and their spouse just is nt able to pick them up. It's not an everyday problem for us either. If they fall then yes it's a medical problem that we need to take care of but other then that you have to respond as to your state protocols.
But Allen, that is your job. It is a part of the job and like I said above, maybe, just maybe she just wants to feel like she matters and maybe you just stopping in once a month even to say hi and make sure that she is alright might change that. Like I said don't take yourselves out of service. I never said that you didn't have a heart either.

Kali and I are on the same mind set and she is right you were the one that said and I quote "tie up a crew for this?". Just think if this was one of your family members and they didn't want to feel like they were helpless and couldn't take care of themselves. This is a big problem with the elderly cause they don't want to loose their independence. We just need to remember that and show as much compassion as possible.

All these patients want is to know that someone still cares and that there will be someone there when they need help.
I like that idea, is there a web site for this program that i can look into and refer it to the City Manager?
And as for the question " What did you think you signed up for?". Well I knew this was not going to be a picnic all the time with the fire/rescue calls etc. On the Ambulance we do a lot of dorky things for people from broken toe nails to extracation. The problem is the frequent callers for no reason when they refuse help from others.
Who said anything about not being able to handle the heat?? I am talking about people that call all the time for help when help has been offered to them and they refuse it. Read back a little on this and i made a little more clear my fustration. I have no problem with helping people hince the reason i got in this field. I have a problem with people that call for the same reason when help has been offered and turned down.

You still want the Palm Trees?
If you are continually being called to assist people who can not take care of themselves, you should report the issue to the proper authorities for the safety and well being of the patient. Many states have laws that require medical personell to report abuse, child abuse, domestic violence and neglect. Here, the only authorities we have to talk to is 911, they take it from there. What would happen if you weren't there to help them?
We don't mind helping people, it is what we do. Sometimes "helping" may include seeing that they get the assistance they truely need.
What would you do if you were called several times to a home where the patient was physically unable to care for themselves and each time found an odor in the house, pet mess in the floor, garbage cans running over, potty chair nasty, no food in the pantry or refrigerator, rotting food on the table, in the sink and on the stove? One January this elderly lady locked herself out of here house 5 times going to the mailbox. Twice, she was naked. We would find her sitting in a lawnchair on her porch freezing to death. Weren't we neglectful by not reporting the situation and allowing it to continue?

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