Hi, my name is Marius am 28 years old, divorced and have a daughter named Amelya a year.
I want to tell you that I went through some terrible moments of mentally and physically and do not want nor worst enemy.
I met his ex-wife 8 years ago at a factory wiring then the army came and I got hired at the factory for 2 months. We met in a very short period but then I can say it was love at first sight. After 2 months after I worked at the factory I worked at the state unfortunately can not tell you.
We've got a host and we moved inpreuna's see how we handle ourselves. We stayed in the home for 1 year and then we moved home with my parents. I made inprumut in the bank and I raised another floor above his parents' home to have a home and a future ahead.
I am a very calm person, I like family, respect the person who is with me and give her all the love in the world, but unfortunately I think that's my biggest flaw, we provide all the confidence and all my soul loved .
To return to my story, I gave all my heart to his ex-wife and I were not going to hold it to someone else so much.
All was well and good until last year when I found out that I cheated with my neighbor for 2 years zile.Mi mother said often that something's wrong with it, I'm gone for 24 hours and she remained at home with my parents. Lately when we go to work and leave her BA said that she goes home to her sister to help her up, and even to shop, and when he came home he came from elsewhere, she met him and goes on the colony in the restaurant and I was at work and my mom said that one hears on the phone talking to someone, it comes from somewhere else, but I do not mind stuffing for and I mad at her for saying lies in my hand saying the truth. I was headfirst and only saw her.
In 2010 he left home, I was at work when morning came she was, I called to see where her sister and she told me she's gone home evening. I waited a while when he came home I asked her where she was. After talking for hours to find out where he told me in a later he was at a hotel with a boy and stayed overnight, I thought I runs ground beneath your feet, I lost all confidence in it I forgave her and we went ahead promised me you do not.
After a while she became pregnant, I think it was the happiest of my life Say I began to regain my confidence in her. We decided in 2011 when the girl was born to do and wedding.
Meanwhile I thought that all goes well and nice, but she was at work when my neighbor with 35 years married for 15 years and 2 children, came to my yard glass salt and my wife sat up in the morning at 4 - 5, only when I was at work. All this I learned after I divorced.
I worked and I was thinking how to get along with birth and marriage, I did and I paid refinancing daughter's birth and I did small family wedding, all this while she was pregnant sotie.In in 8 or 9 months it went when I was at work on the cottage neighbor and restaurants and I do not know anything.
He came and Say happiest of my life, girl born on June 14, 2011. In august I made a few wedding godparents and nations, it was nice but then began all evil. Int a Friday morning I went to work and had to come Saturday morning. I talked to her on the phone on Friday and told me that the girl goes to her sister to help her to work, then daughter was 3 months. I came home Saturday morning when I close the door I saw my mother crying with his hands on the window and yelling at me, Marius ran away with the girl,,,,, I can not tell you what a feeling when can a man live after 24 hours of work at home and you do not find neither wife nor child, my feet were cut and felt like I have air. I took the plunge and entered the room and saw several empty crib and some clothes were taken Pampers. I called her and asked her where he did not want to tell me why ... he left with all the girl. I learned that ran from the window at 2 am to 3 months baby girl in her arms.
After all for 2 months with little girl walked through the park vans, one was destroyed I cried every night and I thought where is my daughter
After 2 months he started to call me to come and take the girl as she has nowhere to stay and what to maintain. Meanwhile I filed for divorce and I wanted at all costs to get to my daughter, lawyer first told me that I have no chance because it is too small and should stay with her mother.
Meanwhile she sat ba pa on a girlfriend slept with the girl first minibus, gave him to eat what to eat and she had to take care of.
Int day I talked to people at social inquiry if I could go to get the little girl told me that yes, because if something tragic pate and I are responsible for her father. Meanwhile, until you call me to come and take the girl still says it's not my face, another, a bomb on my head.
I was with my sister one day and took her daughter, I can not tell what I felt at that moment when I took her in my arms. After I got it I went to the doctor to control, low weight that had to be met, or the right height and has a ruined stomach.
I struggled for several days until he recovered. Meanwhile I walked social survey on the doctor to gather evidence to win at any cost girl.
With all this evidence we gained little girl in court gave me custody and gave her a few hours to visit. It is a year and I can say I'm the happiest father in the world, I fought for it and won an angel.
My ex-wife now wander from side to side, she became pregnant again, did abortion took dozens of times and beat the neighbor is destroyed.
I am 28 years divorced and have a daughter, what I want the future to find someone to love me and respect me as I am, but who knows over who will give you a better or worse.
Thank you so much that I've heard and if anyone wants to discuss anything can send me an e-mail address,,,,,, ungureanumariusteodor@yahoo.com

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