now i know we dont have as much expirence as hundreds of "salty" ff's on this website, but we can still share our stories.. ideas and training expirences amoungst one another cant we?

so tell me, how many explorers are in your post?
has your explorer post ever went to a fire academy?
what color is your bunker gear?
are you ff only? medic? fire-rescue?
do you get treated good? or treated like bottom of the pole scum?
plans for the future? further in the fire service? (i.e.. fire investagator?)

there is much to talk about, i just need someone to talk to..

a little about me
My name is Dale Foust
i have been at BTFD for about two years,
i am 16 years young and my birtday is july 25th,
my girlfriend lives about 2 mins away from the fd which i love becuase i go sleep there when im not on shift, or she brings me food,

Our bunker gear is a yellow, morning glory i belive, and we actualy have our names on the helmets (ff style) and i really like that look,
we have 9 cadets, 7 active,
we need to buy new gear because we only have 5 sets,
we have 4 on shift in the day, 3 at night.. part time dept.
our rigs
3151,3152,3153, squads
3146,3147 ladder
3135, tanker
3124, engine
3173, heavy rescue,
3191, brush unit/ utilites
3181,82,83,84,85.. dodge durangos.. our chaser vehicles

we are soon to get another tanker and heavy rescue,

our dept is the only dept in our twnsp, altough i work in Bainbridge i live in Aurora, Ohio.
Bainbridge is roughly 25 square miles

over the summer the dept payed for 5 of us (that just happend to be the current number of active cadets) to go to O.Y.F.E.T.A{ohio youth fire and ems training academy}. it was fun but we didnt learn much, were looking for better places to go next summer, any ideas?

EDIT 1/13/09 if you would like to trade shirts w/ me, go here

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more pics
It's funny. I have been monitoring and helping to mentor Junior firefighters since I became a senior member in 1997. Isn't it the funniest thing that you post something good and are trying to establish communications yet noone has really responded? Apparently you need to make a brash statement like some of the other fools on FFN to grab attention and get some responses.

If I may ask, what are the chaser units for?
Sup yall my name is William 'Big Will"McKinnon
I am a Peachtree City Fire-Rescue Explorer
i am 17 years of age
I love the PCFD and can't think of any profession better than the fire service all our explorers are awesome and we are a huge asset to the department and we have a 99% rating of explorers becoming either volunteer or career firefighters

Our turnout gear is a tan, and i think its globe, my helmet number is E-12
we have 26 cadets, 20 active,
we REALLY ,REALLY need to buy new gear because we only have 1 set of gear open for new persons on the post
we are a combination department and have generally about 6 on 24-hours (between three shifts)
our rigs

E-81,E-82,E-83,E-85 (Engines)
T-8, Q-83 (ladder/quint)
M-81,M-82,M83,M84 (Medic Units)
Rescue 8( Heavy Rescue)
Haz-Mat 1( Haz-Mat Truck)
Dive Marine 8 ( Water Rescue/Dive Truck)
TAC-V (Tactical Attack and Command Vehicles)

I live in Tyrone, Ga but work in Peachtree City,Ga thats less than 15 mins away

Every year we have 2 fire camps where the explorers spend 3 days at the station on call 24-hours a day
and we go to the Illnois Fire Service Cadet School every year (almost)
uhh.. i really dont know, isnt that always how it is? most shows i see there is an engine and a cheif following behind, and besides that if we get a mutal aid call for man power we just take a durango
the only fire camp ive been to is a couple hours away
i am proud and up lifted to see a young member start such a positive,well thought out, and responsable discussion. i can't say enough as to how it gives me hope that one day there will be more men and weomen like you to take over the very serious duties of the fire service. having said that i will try to respond to your discussion's questions.
firstly, let me point out that i am a senior member of our department and all of our junior members range in age from about 9 years down to an honorary junior member that is scarcely 2 months old. they are the sons and daughters or our members.
as to myself i am almost 30 years old, having served in the fire service since october2007. i am level one certified and will be starting my emt classes late next month. my wife is also a fire fighter and we have no children as of yet, as we have been married for 4 years.
we are volunteers for oil springs fire and rescue, located in a small community of oil springs kentucky. we cover approximately 100 square miles, most of it being mountain side. we have the oldest volunteer department in our county and we cover the largest area. strangely enough it is often "quiet" with few calls. our county has only 1 paid or professional department. after getting my emt certificationsi hope to be hired as a ff/emt on this department.
our station has 3 bays and wh have only 4 trucks. 1 squad or rescue/mini pumper, 1 engine, 1 tanker and 1 rescue truck that is really a glorified chevy yukon that is used mostly in local parades, running errands for the department and going to fire school. all of our trucks are black, with the exception of the engine and when we get a new one it too will be black. they look relly good in black, though that is not the traditional color.
We recieved a grant about a year ago to get new turn out gear, we went with nomex/kevlar. it is a yellow tannish color, with red helmets. we also bought new scba gear. we went isi viking sevens. they are really nice, when they work. they have l.e.d. readouts in a heads up display in the face mask, the back pack has lumbar supports for the back, so they feel really good to wear. we have had some problems with then and i would not in good conscious reccomend them.
we respond to maybe 50 calls a year, primarily mva s with a few structure fires thrown in for good measure. we have new rescue tools for any mva s and they are great. but i have to say that the best piece of equiptment in our entire department is our thermal imaging camera. for example, two nights ago we were able to pinpoint the hot spots in a smoldering attic fire that was yet to become fully involved and use a saw zall to cut out small holes in the celing saving the home owner countless dollars in water damage and losses.
i hope that i wa sable to answer some of your questions here dale. i know that you are likely interested in people your own age and that i am an old man to some one as young as you.
i want to finish up here by saying that i really am glad to see young people taking a serious interest in the fire service. i hope that you will stick with it, i believe that you will do well.
you have an open invite to be added to my friends list.
Hey, I am Eric. I am 17 and on New Prospect Explorer Post 221. I have been on the post for 3 and a half years and I am the Explorer Chief.

My gear is a light brownish color (Lion turnout gear) I wear a black Bullard traditional with bourkes. I own my gear.

We have 5 explorers. 4 active and 1 probie
Explorers use the department gear that is available.
volunteer department.

our units are

NP-11 Custom cab E-One Pumper/Rescue
NP-12 Peterbuilt E-One pumper
NP-20 Freitliner Bluegrass Tanker
NP-40 Ford Crown Vic

We are hopeing to get to go to the Explorer Weekend in Bellbukle TN, but are not sure if we are or not.
as far as age goes it dosent matter to me, im just here to talk and learn... see what people do diffrent, thanks for the complament
Hello my name is Shawna...
we have 8 explorers on our team. 2 including me are girls and we are best friends. she joined when i came home and talked about it all the
well our gear is bright yellow and we get the used gear but still good.
we are now going through a shorter version of ff-1 and ff-2. we have training every Monday.
we have these trucks/ vehicles.
2004 Ford Expedition - Fire Chief's vehicle

Ford pumper

1994 75' ladder truck

2000 Pierce Dash heavy rescue / pumper

Ford 4 wheel drive brush unit

Chevy van command post / technical rescue vehicle

Ford F-150 utility / Duty Officer's vehicle

105 ft ladder truck.

i like this discussion it is meaning full and well thought out. thank you.
well i want to be a full time firefighter and take ff-1 and ff-2
we dont have any girl exploeres on our station,

nice to meet ya

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