now i know we dont have as much expirence as hundreds of "salty" ff's on this website, but we can still share our stories.. ideas and training expirences amoungst one another cant we?

so tell me, how many explorers are in your post?
has your explorer post ever went to a fire academy?
what color is your bunker gear?
are you ff only? medic? fire-rescue?
do you get treated good? or treated like bottom of the pole scum?
plans for the future? further in the fire service? (i.e.. fire investagator?)

there is much to talk about, i just need someone to talk to..

a little about me
My name is Dale Foust
i have been at BTFD for about two years,
i am 16 years young and my birtday is july 25th,
my girlfriend lives about 2 mins away from the fd which i love becuase i go sleep there when im not on shift, or she brings me food,

Our bunker gear is a yellow, morning glory i belive, and we actualy have our names on the helmets (ff style) and i really like that look,
we have 9 cadets, 7 active,
we need to buy new gear because we only have 5 sets,
we have 4 on shift in the day, 3 at night.. part time dept.
our rigs
3151,3152,3153, squads
3146,3147 ladder
3135, tanker
3124, engine
3173, heavy rescue,
3191, brush unit/ utilites
3181,82,83,84,85.. dodge durangos.. our chaser vehicles

we are soon to get another tanker and heavy rescue,

our dept is the only dept in our twnsp, altough i work in Bainbridge i live in Aurora, Ohio.
Bainbridge is roughly 25 square miles

over the summer the dept payed for 5 of us (that just happend to be the current number of active cadets) to go to O.Y.F.E.T.A{ohio youth fire and ems training academy}. it was fun but we didnt learn much, were looking for better places to go next summer, any ideas?

EDIT 1/13/09 if you would like to trade shirts w/ me, go here

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sorry about that i know it gets crazy with the numbers but we do have lots of fun down heree lol
15 minutes left to edit your comment.
My name is Tony Ramirez.
I have been with Holts Summit Fire Protection District comming up on two years in Sept.
I am 18 and wating to finsh high school before I can be full time on the department.
I am the first person in my family in the fire service. My brother is also a cadet.
I am in the phase 2 program. In phase 2 we are able to run any call on any truck with an open seat.

We have about 12 cadets, all mostly active, and we are taking applications.
Our gear is like the firefighters' gear: whatever we can find in storage. So it is a mix of brown, tan, and yellow.
Our whole department is volunteer, we provide fire and rescue protection for 50 some suqare miles.

1603, 1701- engines
1604, 1605, 1702- tankers, tanker/pumper
1606, 1707- brush trucks
1609- interface truck
1610-command vehicle/Chief's vehicle (The Buggy)
we are hopeing to be be getting a heavy rescue truck soon.
All of our trucks are red with white and yellow stripping.

We are remoling station 1
Just finshed station 2
And we still have our very first station using as storage.

Our department's slogen is "Our family helping your family" and "Lets Roll 9/11/01" on the back of 1603 (It went to ground zero to help in the weeks following 9/11).
The cadets' slogen is "You light it, we fight it."

If you have any more questions just ask.
Hey Dale, You know what happens to guys like you that write the kind of stuff you wrote? They call them a firefighter and they give them a badge. Keep up the awesome attitude and be the leader that you are becoming. TCSS, Cpt BZ
agree with you 100%
a good attitude can take you far
My name is Jessica Travis and im 15 years old.

Just some facts about Bagdad in no order

1.At Bagdad we have around 18 juniors, (11 guys, 7 girls) counting me, along with 4 advisers and several fireifghters who just show up to help out.
2. No we have never been to a fire academy
3. i have been a junior firefighter for 9 months, the program has been there since november 2007
4.we are only ff, other than first responder training and crp certs
5. we can respond to calls on our shifts (4-5 a week, each gets 1 week a month) structure fire only
6. our gear is brownish, basically its wat the ff's worn out
7. I plan to become a firefighter on the department as well as an emt when i turn 18,
thanks for the good words cap
My name is MArty Hrinko...and I belong to 2 different Fire Dpets.

The first one is Excelsior Hos Company No. 1 in Olyphant, PA
We run a 1988 FMC Pumper, a 1992 Ford F-350 with a rescue style body, and teo 5 ton military vehicals that serve as wildland vehicals and are in cooperation with DCNR. We just recieved a Grant From the state to purchase a new engine...we are getting a 2009 KME that should be in by the end of Febuary.

We are one of 5 depts in the town. We are 100% voulenteer. There are 6 JRs in the dept.
Check out the website

The Second one is The Dickson City Fire Dept.

We run a 2008 Crimson 103' Quint as the primary ladder, a 2000 Ford Excursion as our command vehical, 1999 E-One/Salsbury Heavy Rescue, 1988 American LaFrance Century 2000 Pumper, 1979 Ford F-150 as our utility vehical. There are 5 JRs In the Dept. 100% voulenteer I joined both firedepts to carry on the family tradatition.

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