now i know we dont have as much expirence as hundreds of "salty" ff's on this website, but we can still share our stories.. ideas and training expirences amoungst one another cant we?

so tell me, how many explorers are in your post?
has your explorer post ever went to a fire academy?
what color is your bunker gear?
are you ff only? medic? fire-rescue?
do you get treated good? or treated like bottom of the pole scum?
plans for the future? further in the fire service? (i.e.. fire investagator?)

there is much to talk about, i just need someone to talk to..

a little about me
My name is Dale Foust
i have been at BTFD for about two years,
i am 16 years young and my birtday is july 25th,
my girlfriend lives about 2 mins away from the fd which i love becuase i go sleep there when im not on shift, or she brings me food,

Our bunker gear is a yellow, morning glory i belive, and we actualy have our names on the helmets (ff style) and i really like that look,
we have 9 cadets, 7 active,
we need to buy new gear because we only have 5 sets,
we have 4 on shift in the day, 3 at night.. part time dept.
our rigs
3151,3152,3153, squads
3146,3147 ladder
3135, tanker
3124, engine
3173, heavy rescue,
3191, brush unit/ utilites
3181,82,83,84,85.. dodge durangos.. our chaser vehicles

we are soon to get another tanker and heavy rescue,

our dept is the only dept in our twnsp, altough i work in Bainbridge i live in Aurora, Ohio.
Bainbridge is roughly 25 square miles

over the summer the dept payed for 5 of us (that just happend to be the current number of active cadets) to go to O.Y.F.E.T.A{ohio youth fire and ems training academy}. it was fun but we didnt learn much, were looking for better places to go next summer, any ideas?

EDIT 1/13/09 if you would like to trade shirts w/ me, go here

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oh nice to meet you too. i would have responded to you sooner but i just was going back and looking at my comments. :)
its all good
Well my name is Trevor Wendt. im from cambria, ny. u may have heard abt us (cambria volunteer fire company) bc ont of ur pumpers just burnt up inside the hall due to faulty wiring. anyway, im 15 y/o, i am currently the jr ff post 0432 president, and am really involved in the company. my ff number is 17 (matt kenseth lol). by this time next year i will be a nys emt-b, and i will be on ski patrol. i love red m&ms. dont ask y. lol. i am also involved with tri community ambulance svc.

CVFC units are:
4-E-1 [pumper- eone on international chassis]
(the late) 4-E-2 [pumper- eone on custom chassis]
4-A-5 [75 ft. rear mount eone aerial w. 2 person bucket]
4-M-6 [eone heavy rescue- new set of JAWS ;D]
4-M-11 [old ambulance and is now a light rescue]
last but not least
4-R-9 [brand new PL Custom ALS ambulance]

TCAS units
Unit 1, 2, and 3 are all ALS ambuances
and Medic 5 is a bls ford expedition fly car

thats me in a nutshell i guess. lol
i forgot to snd some pics.
heres some =)
pic 1 is me having fun lol
pic 2 is 17-E-3 (brand new sutphen pumper w foam system [my dads company is pekin)]
pic 3 is me haha
like the black bunkers =)
hey wats up !
great idea to have this forum . and i like the'''lets talk about us for once '' lol

well my name is luis campos im 19 years of age and live in south florida wheres its either too rainy or to hot but gotta love it
im part of the broward sheriff office fire rescue explorer program ive been with them for about 3 years and im currently at the rank of lieutenant and soon to be battalion chief because we are changing our rank structure
we have about 30 explorers with 20 active at meetings and from those 20 , 10 active at ride alongs
our ride along are from 0800 till 2000 and they can be at any of the 10 stations we can ride at.
we have a total of 15 stations ill give the rundown

Sta # Area Served Units
6 Port Everglades Engine 6, Engine 206, Rescue 6, Battalion 6, Fireboat 6, Attack 6, Foam 6 Seaport
10 Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Engine 10, Rescue 10, Truck 210, Truck 310,Truck 410, Truck 610
International Airport /ARFF Attack 10, Battalion 10

14 Unincorporated Central Engine 14, Rescue 14
17 Hazmat team Engine 23, Haz-Mat 17

27 Pembroke Park / West Park Engine 27, Rescue 27, Rescue 227
28 Cooper City Engine 28, Quint 28, Rescue 28
32 Technical Rescue Team TRT 32, Support 32, Rescue 32, Battalion 32, Tower Ladder 32 36 Southwest Ranches Tanker 36, Rescue 36
37 Lauderdale Lakes Engine 37, Quint 37, Rescue 37, Rescue 237, Battalion 37
55 Weston / Southwest Ranches Engine 55, Rescue 55, Battalion 55
67 Weston Engine 67, Rescue 67, Rescue 21
81 Weston Engine 81, Tower Ladder 81, Rescue 81
85 Countywide (Helicopter) Air Rescue 85
106 I-75/Alligator Alley & Engine 106, Rescue 106, Brush 106, Marine 106, Airboat 106
the Florida Everglades

we got 5 FT als battalions and one staffed as needed (special events , details , training, etc)
11 als and 1 bls engines , 2 als quints and 2 als tower ladder , 1 als tanker , 4 trucks (ARFF), 15 als rescues , 2 special ops trailer 1 for hazmat 1 for trt, 1 support / ait / light truck for trt they are all staffed 24/7 usually
3 on engine 3 on quints 4 on tower ladders 3 on tanker 1or 2 on trucks 2 or 3 on rescues
the following are staffed only when needed by onduty personnel from other trucks at the station2 atack vehicles , 1 fireboat , 1 airboat and a marine , 1brush and a foam vehicle

we are allowed to ride at stations 10 , 14 , 27 , 28 , 36 , 37 ,55 67, 81 and 106 were we are assigned to the rescue but can b switched to a suppression by the stations cap or battalion on duty .

our bunker gear is beige but we have old bunker same color different set up because all the departments that have merge with us ,we have yellow bullard helmet but we are switching to blue due o insurance issues

for,mer explorers :
we have one working fulltime for a nearby department as a driver , 2 waiting to get hired by the department one paramedic 3 emt s including mysefl and we are planning to attend the fire academy all together in the falll at bfa

we do not have a post number due that we left are not under the bsa anymore we use to be callesd cadets

idk wat else to put ill give u an update once i come up with ideas ttyl
that is alot of numbers...
yeah bro it does get crazy when all trucks are running and all u hear on dispathch is 7 cuz of the 10 trucks that end on 7 it drives everybody nuts !!!!
i bet you see alot of crazy stuff though
yeah we got variety and thats good sta 6 is the seaport they good get that many fires , but when they do its a big one, sta 10 is the airport alot of ems refusals , 14 is the bad part of the county is 4 corners of 4 different cities that refuse to take care of them , 17 and 32 they go out for special calls for trt ad hazmat they go out for every one of them, 27 has highway and a poor community and they do get busy , 28 big zone good calls , 36 has also a big zone and huge fires a lot of cowbooys there , 37 has about 34 calls a day they get theyre ass whoop no matter what , 55 is slow as hell , 81 they do get some stff once in a while , 67 always a chance for fire including brush fires on the highways , 85 goes all over the county , 106 is extremely slow but always gets a big one on extrications and mvas
there you go again with all of the numbers...

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