We all have those calls that make us laugh or make us wanna slap the sense back into someone...both on the fire side and ems so lets here em.....come on dispatchers you have to have some of the best...lol.

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While on duty, our dispatcher had to handle calling us to his own barn being on fire - flames showing - (40' from his house). In a short time, it was fully involved - 3 alarm. Then he had to handle dispatch for the call for 3 hours, before he could get a replacement to cover dispatching for him so he could get home. We saved the house, just lost one corner, but lost the barn... and everything in it. I remember being seriously impressed by his calm tone - as he managed this call and 4 other significant ones simultaneously at neighboring towns.
I can't imagine the pressure that he worked under, much as a lot of brothers who have been called to duty by a local disaster without knowing the conditions of their loved ones.
Seriously, the first few patches were stressed... at one point, he said "please respond to my house and save my house." But even before he openly stated it was his house, we knew, because we know where all of our people live. He also patched us stating "no one is home in the house as his family was safe elsewhere."

And if this had been the only call, another dispatcher could have covered, but because they had several structure fires & serious MVA's going on a once, he could not leave his post to someone insufficiently qualified. That made us all very proud of his personal sacrifice.
Atta boy Ralph keepin all the memories alive.
Responded to a female in distress on New Years Eve.....BF/GF playing around .... and of course alcohol was on board. Well, they were watching some "adult" theme movies and they were celebrating the new year, and thought they would try something they saw. The GF used a champaine bottle for some certain visual effects with her BF, only thing is she inserted it bottle end first and it created a suction and it wouldn't come out. Medics laughing when we arrived and told us after they transported her.
male got his groin stuck in a cars grille. Male was saying the car was flirting with him. and he "stuck it in" then couldnt get it out..................

Does this fall under the same rules as an impalement? I think it should....ie: Cutting the grill off the car and making the guy walk into the ER with the grill attached and sticking out of a Bus towel??
i have to ask the same question only im thinkin hallucinogens!
wow.. what kind of sexual frustration could he be having?
I will be waiting for your book to be published.

DFO - LOLOLOLOLOL - God you are old !!! But you explained it well...
Damn, I was looking for that gerbil...
And this is the way I gotta find out he died - harsh...

SOB told me it escaped out the vent.
I was on a ride-along with EMS right after I got my EMR to see what the medical side of things was about, we responded to a house full lights and sirens from a lady experiencing chest pains and breathing problems. First off we almost backed into a parked car that we didn't see, but stopped JUST in the nick of time. We get there and she doesn't speak English, but her son does, so we talk through him. Later finding out that she had treatment for an enlarged thyroid and wasn't feeling well. She was a block and a half from the hospital while she could have had her son drive her. This would have been funnier if we hadn't seen a 2 vehicle MVC about 4 blocks from us crossing a major road, but we were already rolling Delta. Unfortunately a man didn't make it in that collision. While we were sitting in the ER for about 2 hrs waiting to get her in because we had given her med's for her nausea. We laugh about it now though
That happens alot...we rolled right past a structure fire because we were going to a fall with arm pain....if our officer overides the response they call it freelancing and our dispatchers can't change it also...... it starts with your Brass making arm chair decisions.

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